Listen Up, Doctors: Stand Out in Your Profession with These Tips

When running a private practice or working in a general hospital, your relationship with the patients and the way in which they perceive you are of the utmost importance. Now, while in medical school and during your internship, you’re supposed to pick up the majority of vital medical practices and create the bulk of your knowledge.

Naturally, with the pace at which medical science is currently growing and advancing, you can’t afford to stop learning and expanding your knowledge. Still, what about the people skills? They can be just as important for your doctor-patient relations. What about organizing and running your own private practice? Well, here are a couple of tips on these topics, as well.

Understand their fears

One of the biggest problems with having zero knowledge in the medical field lies in the fact that you can never interpret the symptoms in the right way. You see, there are some symptoms that are absolutely horrifying but can be cured with a small dosage of light medication or a slight change in a lifestyle. When people come to you with these symptoms, you need to be aware of the fact that there’s no way in which they can know this. So, understand their fear and don’t automatically assume that they’re irrational because they’re in a state of full-panic. It’s completely normal, natural and… well, basic human nature. So, try to understand and accept this.

Give them your full attention

Even doctors can be in a hurry, however, if you really, really, really can’t find the time for the patient in question (a patient who’s not mortally wounded or in fatal condition), just send them to someone else. There are some medical professionals who decide to give them a hasty diagnosis instead and then just cross this off from their to-do list. Keep in mind that if you can’t give them your full attention (at least for the moment), wait for all the test to arrive or properly examine them, it’s far more ethical to just send them to someone who can.

More than just being nice

There’s nothing simpler than throwing on a happy face and trying to make yourself likeable. However, as a doctor you sometimes have to be strict and authoritarian with your patients. This is one of the bad practices that leads you to having an abundance of return patients. Sure, every time they return, they generate profit but for a doctor to deliberately refuse to cure them of their ailment just because this causes them to lose profit is both unethical and bad for your business in the long run. One of the toughest things of being a doctor lies in knowing how to break the bad news, yet, it’s a skill that you will have to master.

Look for some help

If you decide to run your own private practice, you’ll find yourself in a spot where you need some help. Sure, you have all the necessary medical knowledge, however, a private practice is a business, which means that you need help from other professionals, as well. You need professional accountant, a lawyer, as well as someone to tends to the design of the place. For instance, you can outsource this task to an agency like Konnect Health that specializes in medical practice design and fit-out. This way, you can give it the look to impress your patients and make the place look exactly as it is supposed to.


The last thing you need to understand is the fact that the field of medical science is simply too vast for you to master every single aspect of it. Still, when they have a medical condition, people feel the most comfortable when going to a specialist, which is why becoming one needs to be one of your first priorities. The fact alone that it’s not your first time dealing with this particular affliction will give them a no small amount of reassurance and it will help them trust you more. Needless to say, a doctor-patient trust is one of the most important things in the field.

In conclusion

Naturally, people skills and your ability to run a successful enterprise are just the tip of the iceberg. What will truly determine the success of your practice is your skill as a practitioner, as well as of those who work for you. This is why, you need to fully commit towards self-improvement, before anything else.

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Written by Mianna korben

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