7 Tips to Freshen up Your Home this Summer

Summer is the time of the year that is good for other activities than taking your holiday and traveling to some of the many beaches scattered across Australia’s East Coast.  You can use the time when the weather outside is fine to freshen up your home with some (or all) of the following 7 home improvements.

A mini cleaning spree

Before spending thousands of dollars on improvements you have no need for, start freshening up your home by simply cleaning it. Imagine it’s time for the spring cleanup and scrub the house from the inside out. Apart from scrubbing hard, there are other actions to clean and beautify your residence.

Start by storing extra pillows from the patio because you won’t be needing them during summertime. Change linen on bets to make it lighter, so you wouldn’t sweat at night. Finally, make sure the windows are opened frequently to air the house since the AC will be running non-stop.

Greenify the home

Speaking about the quality of air inside your home, the most effective method to purify it is to place houseplants all over the place. In addition to pumping extra O2 into your home, plants will beautify the whole space.

The plant species we recommend you introduce are succulents because they require less watering (once a week is enough). As an alternative, you can place pots with peace lily or a snake plant. The final benefit of houseplants is the fact that they cost way less than other home improvements we are about to list.

Changing the draperies and curtains

Apart from air quality, regulating lighting levels inside the house during daytime is equally important. The best way to do this is by replacing old, heavy draperies. They were useful in winter when they provided an extra layer of insulation in the window area but now it’s time for them to go down.

The new curtains and draperies you are going to hang will be lighter in color. Such sheer curtains still provide you with enough privacy, all the while allowing you to regulate the amount of sunlight entering your home.

A bamboo shade draperies are ideal for windows overlooking the patio and the backyard in general. The reason behind changing the draperies is to prevent the strong Australian sunlight to fade away the furniture inside.

Moving furniture around

Having mentioned the furniture, it’s the next item on the list of summer improvements. You should move the furniture around the house because you don’t use the home in summer in the same way you do during other seasons. While the warm living room is the center of social life in winter, the garden is the center of the family’s activity in summer.

For example, some kitchen elements can be places outside to allow for food preparation in the open. Furthermore, comfortable beanbags are ideal for kids to lounge in the yard and the bat area should be upgraded to house a dining table for dinners outside the house in July and August.

A fresh layer of paint

We’ve mentioned earlier that exposure to strong sunlight for hours on end can cause colors to face. While you can protect the furniture by closing the draperies, the façade of your house is left undefended, sort to say.

The sun in the southeast of Australia is particularly punishing, so hiring house painters in Sydney is something you should do every couple of years. Sure, painting the house from the inside and especially from the outside can be a DIY job but you will waste too much time and energy to justify the cost.

It smells like summer

One of the things we associate summertime the most with are the fragrant smells that spread it in nature. You should try to mimic this fragrance even if you live in an urban area by introducing scented candles and scented oils in your home.

The pleasant scents of lavender, orange, or lemon are bound to brighten up the mood of the entire family regardless of the weather outside (a downpour is not uncommon in New South Wales). You can take the opportunity to buy washing detergent or a softener with the scent of rose or lilac to complement indoor fragrances.

Use natural material to redesign your home

If you were thinking of accessorizing your house in summer, be sure to add natural materials, colors, and textures. For example, a woven laundry basket is ideal for the bathroom or the balcony, while the furniture outside can be made from wood.

If you already have natural materials installed in your house, ensure they are in pristine condition, such as repainting the wooden deck. Summer vibes are achievable through the smallest of details, such as wooden candlesticks and fruit bowls.

As you have seen from our examples, freshening up your home in summer is both easy and cheap. It is all about the attention to detail, from the kitchen fruit bowl to the color of the exterior walls. Some of the projects listed are DIY but for some, you will need to rely on professional help, such as repainting the house.

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Written by Liam Smith

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