First Apartment Essentials – All Must-Haves on One List

The concept of a fully furnished apartment varies from person to person and, if you decide to look at this in a much broader context your apartment will never be truly complete. There’s always something you can add, replace or upgrade, as well as something that no longer fits your aesthetic goals and vision. Still, if we decided to set some tad more objective metrics, there is a list that you have to follow in order to make your first apartment fully-furnished.

The essentials

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the essential apartment furniture list. In order to envelop it all, you need to split this list into four major categories. First, in your dining area, you need a table and a sufficient number of chairs, which, by default, ranges from 2 to 6. In a living room, you need a coffee table, a sofa and a chair or two, as well as a TV. For the latter, it’s a good idea to consult local antenna installation professionals, so that you have your TV in full working order from day one. Then, we come to the bedroom, which you need to supply with a bed or a futon, night table, a dresser, and one or two table lamps. Finally, if you have a home office, getting a desk, chair, a bookcase, and a lamp is a bare minimum that you can equip it with.


Previously, we’ve discussed the issue of basic furniture, yet, there’s one room whose preparedness gets determined by accessories and appliances. For instance, in a bathroom, you first need to acquire a bathroom mat, both for hygienic and comfort purposes. Then, you need some shower curtains (which consists of curtain rings and linen). Next, you need a hair dryer and some towels. Other than this, you should focus on basic bathroom supplies and a place where you can display them. Finally, you need some basic maintenance equipment such as toilet plunger.


Another important thing to have in your first apartment is the well-equipped kitchen. You can start by getting a good set of knives (chef’s knife, bread knife, boning knife, cleaver, etc.) and a cookware set. Then, you need to proceed to chinaware, coffee mugs, tea cups, serving bowls, and glassware. Once you’re done with these essential, it might be the time to pay more attention to the issue of appliances. A kettle, hand mixer, microwave, blender, and a coffee machine are the bare minimum that you need to possess. One more thing that you’re likely to forget are linens, like dish rags/towels, tablecloth, oven mitts, and similar items.

Cleaning equipment

This particular aspect of your home’s preparedness isn’t necessarily tied to any particular room, yet, it’s equally as important for all of them. Namely, every apartment needs a broom, a mop, and a dustpan, as well as a duster and a vacuum cleaner. Other than this, you need at least one step stool (ladders might be even better), a garbage can and some garbage bags. The location of these cleaning supplies can vary on the layout of your apartment.


The issue of storage is something that a lot of people mistake for the concept of having or not having a storage room, which is more than absurd. You see, drawer dividers are the most frugal purchase when bought in a bulk and can be used just as adequately in the kitchen as they can be used in the bathroom or your living room. Same goes for elements like hangers, storage boxes, storage trunks and stacking bins. In a case where you do have storage, you need to handle the issue of light efficiently, even if it means keeping a set of batteries and a flashlight nearby.

A set of tools

Having an apartment toolkit is an incredibly important thing, seeing as how, as an apartment owner, you want to be as self-reliant as possible. For this, you need a couple of items such as power drill, a set of screwdrivers, a hammer and some duct tape. Other than this, you also need some measuring items like a level and a tape measure. Also, for cutting, you’ll need items like a utility knife and scissors. Finally, you can focus on various fasteners, depending on your personal needs.


At the very end, it’s important that we cover some essential items that we’ve failed to mention. We’re talking about items like picture frames (in order to customize and personalize the space), some pot planters for houseplants, curtains, candles, and similar items. Also, seeing as how we’re living in the 21st century, there are numerous electronic items that you might want to include in your inventory. We’re talking about computers and peripherals, tablets and other related devices.

In conclusion

By covering these seven essential fields, you’ll make your first apartment fully prepared and set up. The reason why we put an emphasis on first-time apartment owners is due to the fact that previous apartment owners know the majority of this list by heart. Once you figure out that you don’t have something essential in your inventory, you’ll remember that situation and won’t be likely to find yourself in that spot again for years to come.

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