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How many ways are Consumer Rights Exploited?

Consumer Exploitation becoming a common issue in today’s society. Consumer exploitation simply means the snatching or exploit the consumer rights. It has many forms in which the consumer becomes the victim of it in different sections of society. Most of the times consumers itself had not any knowledge that he is becoming the victim of any fraud and getting consumer complaints against the companies. So there is a need for consumers to know that what ways their rights are exploited:-

High Selling Prices and Charges:- Most of the times consumers itself don’t know that they are paying more than the actual price of their product. In this way, they are cheated by the sellers. In the case of buying any product, there are always some hidden charges for accessories that are unknown to consumers.

Warranty: Most often people are easily influenced by the warranty and guarantee on the purchase of any product. If you will complain that the product is not working well and wants its replacement. Then many times you get reply the part you want to be replaced or repaired doesn’t come under guarantee or will start giving excuses that you didn’t handle the product.

Risk Reduction: By calculating the benefits of their product the shopkeepers easily cheat people and they often use “Better” term for their product which means one is superior to another in some way and also “best” which means it is superior to all others in many ways.

Sales and Offers: This is the best way to attract people nowadays and no doubt a consumer can easily be influenced by these type of offers. But there is a need to think that why a seller sell his products at the cheap rate?

Misleading Information: When you visit any store or restaurant, you get tempted seeing the pictures posted in their pamphlets. You get excited to see the large size, quantity and reasonable price but then the pictures get cleared when they deliver you the actual product and you will feel cheated by them after seeing the real product.

So, the consumers need to be aware of these types of exploitation. If ever feels cheated then there is a need to approach the suitable place for resolution of such kind of problems. Consumers should also be careful at the time of approaching any consumer forum and consumer court.

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Written by Kanika Goyal

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