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Why Cox Is All You Need – My Story

If you are an art student, aspire to join an art school or film school any time soon. In another scenario, if you have more than two people living at your place; if you want to be a writer; looking for an online business? Are you a digital entrepreneur, you earn your bread and butter by lending your services online and you work remotely most of the times, you have to interact with your co-workers who are somewhere else location wise.

Or, if you are planning to get enrolled in an online course either for 6 months or 4 years’ plan. Or in another situation, you live alone, all by yourself – unsupervised, and you sometimes take help from YouTube Tutorials or Pinterest for fixing, creating and experimenting with something new. On top of living alone, you get bored easily and do not like to ask anyone for their time, help or any kind of intervention? You work in odd timings and your lifestyle does not really match any of your acquaintance, friends or family and you end up doing everything on your own, no matter how difficult and challenging it may seem.

I mentioned a couple of most common scenarios, any of us come across once in a while, there must be many unseen and unpopular situations – I am sure. If you can somewhat relate to any of the aforementioned scenarios. Folks, take my humble advice, you need a great internet service provider in your area to be there with you in all such scenarios. I am going to share my experience and you will figure out how having a steady and reliable telecom provider is crucial if you want to explore new horizons and achieve another level of magnitudes in your career and educational choices, predominantly.

During my entire educational, professional and personal development journey, I reckoned with the passage of time, how crucial a good telecommunication provider could have been all the way through this time span, particularly the internet connection along with cable TV and home phone – if I just see everything from a bird’s eye view to get a clear picture of my journey. If you just subtract a reliable internet connection, cable TV and home phone from my story; it won’t be same. As a matter of fact, the outcomes would not be same.

I took admission in the most prestigious and well-known names among all the advertising and film schools in my country. I went there, learned a lot and got some training outside the school too in which I learned how to write copies for ads, the concept of ads, idea development and how to turn that idea into the script for TVC (Television Commercials). They made me assist them and follow them in order to grasp everything from them during finalizing and shooting TV commercials and public service announcements.

After graduating my degree in Film Making, I developed my interest in making TV commercials than anything else. With all the exhilaration in my heart, I was also under student loans which were haunting me as soon as I got out of the university. I was very excited when I got my very first job opportunity in my favorite ad agency which I had been fancying to work with; from the time when I planned to professionally land in this career.

Finding an advertising job and making a career out of it might sound very fascinating to most of us but little do we know, the research process is nerve-wracking, and shooting is not as fun as it may look like in the Behind the Screen pictures. Once you get into it, not only this process of shooting takes your sweat and blood but the pre-production phase exhaust your mind at times and you have to deliver the product as creative and innovative as possible with keeping the quality standards as high as no one can predict in the market. These are some difficult targets, everyone in the industry gives to themselves in order to perform better than before and deliver the best product at the end.

I was fortunate enough that my hard work was recognized from the very beginning of my career. Those late nights, extensive researches, early morning proactive preparations and extra attention to detail started getting notice and bringing results as soon as I started opening wings in this direction. People from external sources started approaching me for doing their work as a freelancer and they would pay me to double. In a matter of 18-30 months, I was able to pay off all my loans and student debts which brought me in a position to establish myself in a meaningful way so I can utilize the most of my potential and get the best out of me.

Where comes the best provider in town and Cox residential services I was all in awe about? It came everywhere- literally everywhere, wherever I needed it. For my research and seeing the trends from different regions of the world, I utilized my internet connection as much as my cable TV. For taking inspirations, for every single idea and every other day, I needed to dive deeper and deeper into detailed researches to get satisfactory answers to quench my creativity thirsts, that is where again the TV and the internet connection helped me simultaneously. Then comes the home phone, if you are still wondering how, here is the answer: whenever I got back from long shifts at work and found my phone and power banks on charging, I utilized my landline connection. Also, for saving the batteries and expenses when I had to call more than once to remind, confirm and make sure a couple of things over and over again.

This is my success story, not in the TED talk but in this write-up, we more than often forget to acknowledge the most crucial and essential things in our lives unconsciously. Gratitude is the right attitude. Yes, we should thank God at the end of the day for making things easier for us and sending everything in our favors. Our family, friends, and people in our surroundings such as our colleagues and classmates, the ones we get along and the ones we just come across, every one of them is making these daily challenges bearable for us – sometimes by lending a helping hand and most of the times by just being there. The same approach applies to things like what we eat when we fall sick and they help us recover; the things that keep us going like the electronic appliances we bought for making things convenient and rapid for us. These are all facilities and are somehow facilitating us when we are living a fast-paced life, especially when we always have to meet deadlines. Not everything deserves a payback, in terms of fee, bills, dues, installments – there is no harm in being a loyal association than just a customer.

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Written by Peter Shimming

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