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Best Kitchen Bar Stools 2019

Stools, stool chairs, as well as all kinds of chairs, you will find them under the web my deal. We place special emphasis on the quality of the materials with which our stools and chairs are made, as well as a service that is pleasant for you and competent. We offer a wide range of different types of stools, as well as the variety of materials, different types of heights and colors. The most popular colors of most products are: white, red, black and green. The color brown, gray and cream have also increased in the last era. Perhaps a little later, one of the latter belongs to the group of four most popular colors. The color is a factor that is also linked to the type of model chosen. Here are some examples in which you can click directly on the name:

Wooden stool to modern stainless steel stools. If your idea is to choose a stool with which you can be comfortable for hours, you should opt for a stool with backrest. Most of the stools without backrest, have 4 legs. You can see them quite often in bars, pubs or restaurants. No matter which option you choose, whichever it is, you will find furniture that matches with your stools or chairs. Maybe it helps, see all types of stools and so compare some of them. If this is not what you want and need something more concrete, go to the selection of support to put specific characteristics and thus find in a faster way what you really need.

You can also specify the desired height yourself. Once the product has been decided, we give you the option to request some items that combine with the stools, such as bar tables, which will be the perfect complement. My deal provides a wide variety of stools for the kitchen, gastronomy, events and parties, etc.

New: Stools, benches and chairs for waiting rooms of clients and for private waiting rooms in the house.


Are you looking for a new piece of furniture for your kitchen? My deal offers you different ways to achieve your purpose. Kitchen stools, for example to beautify next to a bar. Or perhaps also a lower stool, with height between 35 – 50 cm. Also, in some unexpected occasions in which guests are invited, you can use the   kitchen stools , with elegant style and thick padding of up to 16 cm, being much more comfortable than, for example a kitchen chair. The guest will be more comfortable and the stool will look more elegant as an alternative, you may also like the kitchen stools with a seat height between 60 – 85 cm. This type combines very well with a high table, counter top or bar. If your kitchen is a bit bigger, you can combine different types of stools, with different heights. It does not matter what you decide. We want you to feel comfortable and totally satisfied with our kitchen stools. Relive a breakfast with a renewed touch, enjoy a dinner comfortably or a lunch with a new style.


You will find many opportunities in my deal kitchen bar stools, but you have the choice, although sometimes it is complicated, with so much product, to be able to decide. We are glad to be able to have this great variety and be able to offer our clients all the opportunities so that he himself, as well, does it in a more personal way according to his needs. Provide different combinations mixing styles. We can see it in this type of seats, such as the stool chair, which although there are modern style, can be combined perfectly with more classic and rustic furniture. They have a low seat height, with a maximum of 50 cm. They look much like a classic 4-legged chair, but in the case of stool chairs, the legs are longer, lengthening the seat. It is another original way, to use this type of seat for your bar tables.

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