Top kitchen interior designs trends in 2018

As we all know that the kitchen is the hub of every home. There’s something about the kitchen interior design that makes it far more than merely a utilitarian space. If you’re thinking about re-designing your kitchen this year, check out these hot trends, as identified by designers.

1. Vibrant color schemes

Vibrant color schemes will continue to be popular for pops of bright color. The use of color in the kitchen is extremely important and should reflect personalities and needs of house owners.For instance, a space used for cooking should be of bright & light in color while remaining kitchen design should be in darken essence to make an ambience suitable for kitchenkitchen provides the perfect example of how to integrate a small amount of bright color while keeping the space clean and minimal. The boost of yellow adds vibrancy and energy to the room. One of top color trends.  

2. Cabinets  

The important part of kitchen are cabinets, cabinet looks and style can make your kitchen design more adorable. Wood-finished cabinets are the most common

Cabinets can be used both above and below the kitchen counter to create a divide between your kitchen and living or dining room in a more traditional way.

 For easier access to storage and to make collections more visible, you can make an open cabinets in kitchen.


To create a good nice ambience in kitchen, lighting is to be the part of it. A good lighting combination make the kitchen overall design looks great

The key for good kitchen lighting is to rely on source of it, it should be the combination of your decorative lighting & natural lights

Natural light source should be there, because in daytime sunlight is the light that’s brings out true natural colors in the whole kitchen.

Best for style & mood in kitchen, ceilings lights are the best lighting source. It will spread the warm lights on cabinet & walls of your kitchen  

 4. kitchen floor 

Kitchen flooring design is the most important decision when you are re-designing your kitchen space. It is a high traffic area, where many of the times spills of water, oil, dishes, wine etc happen, so you need to be more thoughtful about your flooring of your kitchen

You have to look for more durable & low maintenance flooring for your kitchen.

  • Wood laminate
  • Tile
  • Concrete
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber flooring
  • Stone

These are some best option for durable floor design, one can use any of the flooring option according to the color scheme of its kitchen

5. Countertops

 Today thick slab countertop effect are the latest trend in kitchen. Using concrete is best for kitchen countertops, as concrete is durable and has many textural to its pattern, it also can be customized with different texture & finishes

one can use her option like   copper, wood, metal, granite & many different pattern material for kitchen countertops design

Zinc countertops create a rich, blue toned patina. Zinc is a good option, it can make reaction with water, oil to create beautiful patina & gives matte finish state.

 If anyone wants to create a sleek polished look on countertops of kitchen then choose sealed copper


The kitchen table is an idea that deserves a second look & goes according to theme and style of kitchen

A table in kitchen creates an environment of dinner, where dinner is cooked and served to you on table in few steps

7. Kitchen Sink

The sink in the kitchen is the center of attraction when you are designing your kitchen interior. It is important to install right kind of kitchen sink that’s suit your style and theme of your kitchen

Mainly in many houses, single bowl kitchen sink are installed, but double & triple bowl sink are also available in the market

Any sink can be installed according to the requirements

If there is low space in your kitchen then single bowl kitchen are the best to installed & they are easier to clean

Two bowls sink are for those, who prefer to wash their dishes manually (can be washed in one & rinsed in other)

Three bowl sink allow to have a dish rack in one bowl of the sink, where it won’t interfere with other work and where clean dishes won’t get dirty or splashed.

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