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A Step by Step Guide to Become a Certified Business Analysis Professional

CBAP Certification stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional. It is considered the best certification course for the professionals, who want to scale up their business analysis skills. Thinking to give your career uplift? Becoming a Certified Business Analysis Professional can truly help.

Here’s the certification at a glance:

What is CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional)?

It is level 3 certification course apt for the senior business analysts with 5+ years of experience. After the completion of CBAP Certification, the professionals are termed as an expert in the field of a business analyst. The certification provides an opportunity to work on significant projects and the individual can lead other business analysts. In order to earn the CBAP Certification, it is must for the individual to secure passing score.

CBAP course is tedious and requires individuals to invest time and budget to get certified. It is crucial to get trained by experts like the ones employed, to pass the difficult examination.

Here is the Step by Step Guide to Become a Certified Business Analysis Professional.

Step1: Begin with the preparation of BABOK, It is A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge

In order to be a certified CBAP individual, it is imperative to familiarize oneself with the content of the BABOK Guide. Many business analysts swear by BABOK Guide to prepare for the certification. The content is more informed, formal and focused. In short, BABOK is a comprehensive preparation guide which covers all significant topics of CBAP examination. You can easily master the content by scheduling the study time. Additionally, you can also practice the questions mentioned in it.

Step 2: It is must for the individual to meet the eligibility criteria

In order to enroll for a CBAP course, the individual should possess at least 5 years of business analysis work experience. You have to have a minimum of 900 hours work experience in 4-6 domains. In order to be a certified professional, the individual should accumulate appropriate work experience.

Step 3: Obtain Professional Development Hours to meet the eligibility criteria

To obtain the CCNP Collaboration Certification, you should carry a total of 35 Professional Development Hours. If you look at the chapters in CBAP study groups, the entire focus is on preparation for the exam. Try to make the best use of resources, this will help you to get a chance to obtain PDs and also are helpful for the exam preparation.

Step 4: Apply for CBAP via application

To earn CBAP certification, you need to submit the application to IIBA this can be done by visiting the official website of IIBA. It is crucial to meet the basic education requirement i.e. scoring a passing mark in high school. Apart from that, you should have 5+years of work experience and professional development hours.

Step 5: Fix a Schedule for the CBAP exam

Once the eligibility criteria are met and application arrives, the next phase is to fix the CBAP exam schedule. The exam can also be rescheduled if you don’t score passing mark or not attend the exam. Scheduling examination is a great way to be motivated and it also helps you to prepare well.

Step 6: Start With the Preparation

After the scheduling is done, get ready to prepare for the CBAP Exam. Make sure to be familiar with the BABOK Guide. Practice using model questions and answers. Exam simulations and flash cards are very helpful during the prep process. If you have any queries or doubts you can look for answers at BABOK Guide forum

Step 7: Get Passing Score

Prepare well and attend the CBAP Exam. Give your best. If you are not able to score passing grades at the first attempt, you are eligible to schedule for another exam within one calendar year of your CBAP application approval.

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