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Want to Try These 6 Fun Outbound Activities for Employees?

When it comes to outdoor activities, who doesn’t enjoy them after a long tiresome period of work? Beneficial for developing trust, communication and adjustability among employees and adding spice to their lives, outdoor activities are more advantageous than indoor games.

Assuming that you’re planning to organize an employee outing soon, why not give these following outdoor activities a try?

6 fun outdoor activities for employees: 

1. Scavenger Hunt

Number of members: At least 2 teams with 2 members in each.

Tools needed: Paper and pen.

Rules: Each team will have to find out the listed items assigned to them. Whosoever comes back first, wins.

Benefit: Increases team work capacity.

2. Salt N’ Pepper

Number of members: 4 teams with 2 members in each.

Tools needed: Pen, paper, tape, list of paired items (e.g.-salt and pepper, bread and butter).

Rules: Write one half of listed pair in each sheet of paper. Paste the sheets on the back of each member. They cannot see the list on their own back, and have to ask each other questions in “yes” or “no”. Upon finding the word, they have to search the items and pair it with other members. The members having at least three paired items win.

Benefit: Develops communication skills within the employees.

3. Human Knot

Number of members: Everyone

Tools needed: Nothing

Rules: Make all the employees stand in a big circle. Ask them to hold the hands of the next to the immediate member. When everyone holds their hands, forming a tangled circle, ask them to untangle themselves without breaking the circle.

Benefit: The game is a good way to make all the members know each other better. It also increases collaboration.

4. Blindfold Rope Square

Number of members: Everyone. Teams with more number of members can also be made.

Tools needed: Blindfold tape/cloth, long rope.

Rules: Take the rope and lay it on the ground. All the blindfolded members will have to make a perfect square out of the rope.

Benefit: This game increases trust and understanding among the members.

5. Pipeline

Number of members: All members divided into 2 teams.

Tools needed: Pieces of half-cut pipes.

Rules: Members will have to hold the pipe pieces and make it an adjoining pipeline. Water, when run from one end, must not leak from any part. The team, completing the pipeline faster, is the winner.

Benefits: Increases team work, socializing and concentration.

6. Mime blowing

Number of members: All members divided into two groups.

Tools needed: Nothing.

Rules: Each member has to demonstrate an idea, provided by the other team, to the members of his/her own team. The demonstrator can neither speak nor use any props, but can only mime or act to make others understand.

Benefits: It is a good game for increasing understanding among members.

The benefit of team building is much more than people think of. No doubt, after a warm session of outdoor activities, employees will connect better and grow a stronger relationship with each other.

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Written by Swapnil Jukunte

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