3 HR Software Automation Trends For 2019

Most of the Indian businesses are investing heavily to improvise their workforce management which was topically overseen for a long period of time. This shift of interest has attracted a lot of software vendors to develop comprehensive HR Software solutions to cope up with the demands of the industry. So far, the use of legacy software has not been appreciated but the era of cloud computing has made its way to tap the HR solution market, thus carving out a niche of its own. This article shall serve as a quick guide to readers on the trending automation trends of 2019 for the HR Software arena.

Mobile App Based Employee Self Service:

Dealing with a large and growing workforce requires a lot of correspondence from both the employer and employee side. Perhaps, the ESS Portals serve the purpose in an efficient manner by providing a centralized platform for all the official communications being made in the organization. This has been one of the most demanded functionalities as Generation Z is being absorbed in the economy. The mobile app for ESS Portals can empower the staff to mark their attendance through Geo Fences or claim reimbursements while traveling which makes the processing easier and less complicated. They also allow the employees to upload and update their information in the system autonomously which helps streamline the flow of information. They can submit applications for regularizing their attendance, leaves or seek reimbursements immediately from the comfort of their own devices at the place and time of their own choice. This may significantly contribute to improvise employee engagement and lower the administrative overheads.

Statutory Compliance Automation:

India remains one of the most complex taxation structures around the globe and dealing with can be made simple by using an HR Software. A lot of changes in legislative changes are being made along with a lot of others considered to bridge the gap between the formal and informal sector. These changes can be efficiently contained by automating the Statutory Compliance to report those filings to the respective government bodies. It is but sensible to automate these filings as manually processing such hefty data and generating PF Forms, Challans and TDS Certificates for employees on an individual basis is a sheer waste of time, talent and resources of the HR department. Using software can turn the tables by providing relevant forms, reports and return records, thus helping the HR during the audit trails and cost accounting activities. They also safeguard against unintended breach of laws which may entail legal consequences, a situation less favorable especially for the partnership and listed firms.

AI, Machine Learning and Chat Bot Integration:

Most of the businesses are enthusiastic regarding the use of cognitive computing to manage their human resources. Artificial Intelligence technologies can be pivotal to smart decision making as your HR may be competent enough to make those decisions but they may not be able to address every single issue owing to oblivious constraints. On the other hand, Machine Learning can significantly contribute to simplifying redundancies of manual processes and help analyze the problems faced. The gps integrated workforce payroll management solution may implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Social Network Analysis (SNA) to simplify the functioning without bothering your finance manager. It may also employ smart Chat Bots to address the grievances faced by the employees which may not be possible conventionally. They can use the data provided to intimidate solutions without any location or time constraints, which can radically change the employee engagement and improve the quality of employee experience. Apparently, the use of gamification technologies, MOOC platforms and Self-Onboarding is also appreciated by the MNCs which has motivated their aspiring counterparts to make the most of the opportunities offered.

Ending note:

As a commercial undertaking, you always strive to add value to your competencies which are very essential in the current competitive market and the last thing you may want to happen is ending up in a gunfight with a petite stick. These technologies have influenced the businesses in some way or other and harnessing them will result in smarter, efficient and most importantly, cost-effective in the long run for any business. These trends are shaping the future of the very fundamentals of the functioning of HR departments across the length and breadth of the business landscape while simplifying the lives of people globally.

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Written by Shy Lee

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