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Five Home Decor Ideas You Must Try Right Now

There are many beautiful places in the world. You may sail every ocean, climb the highest mountains, cross deserts, dense forests etc. but there will always be the one place you would long to return to, a place like no other. Where you belong, which is your safe haven. That place is home, where your heart is and will always be!

It is not just about four walls and the things it contains; it’s about your future. Objects may be inanimate, but when put together, they make up a life for you.

On that note, let us help you make your home, your sacred space.

  1. Clear and open spaces

One should have a lot of space in the house to walk around with minimal obstructions and access different rooms. We understand that space is always a concern, especially in metropolitan cities. Even in apartments with less room, the illusion of openness can be created. Once can make use of colours, fabric and furniture in such a way that it gives an open appearance to the flat. Light colours can give an open and airy feel to the house, even if that isn’t the case. The furniture should be small, practical and only necessary options should be procured. Be it big or small apartments, clutter of any kind should be avoided. Mirrors are a good way of opening up any kind of space and bringing in more light to your den. Placing mirrors near windows will reflect light and brighten up the house. It will also give the appearance of additional windows in the house.

  1. Plants

Our primary home is Mother Nature. Introducing some of nature’s gifts is a great idea in more ways than one. Plants need not just be in your garden now, or on your window sill. Bring the outside, inside by adding leaves and life to your home. You can have standing plants, wall plants, window sills plants, hanging plants etc. This gives one the option of growing plants which are natural air purifiers such as: Basil, Aloe Vera, Money Plant, Peace Lily, Ficus etc. Kitchen plants can also be grown in small containers, you could be a farmer! You may also pick up fallen flowers or branches you find across the road, put them in a vase with water and place them wherever you like in your home. This is quite an inexpensive way to procure plants, no need to go shopping!

  1. Technology and Functionality

These are the two aspects that set it all in motion. At the end of the day you need a home that doesn’t just look right, but also works well for you. It involves a lot of factors and differs from one constructional design to another. However, whenever you go from one room to another, it should be easy to access. The articles kept in each room should be easy to use. For example: the kitchen should have ample room, everything in it should be conveniently accessible and easy to use.

As for technology, you must carefully select electronic items suitable to your requirements and wants. The items should also be streamlined with your home and should work with the space. Big and bulky electronics would not be advisable for a small house. So what we are saying is: panel televisions, built in CD/DVD players, small flat screen televisions for the kitchen, laptops not computers etc.

  1. Wall Decor

This is the MOST creative aspect in any home, the potential for wall decorations are boundless. Just a little dash of colour and creativity can give a lot of character to your wall and shape the entire look of your home. Here are few of the amazing things you can do with your walls: paint it a bright or bold colour, apply wallpaper, add mirrors, hand painted images or murals, a carpet or tapestry, beautiful landscapes, inspiring quotes, stone cladding, plants, wall stickers, magnetic boards, CD’s, paintings, lights, artistic hangings, shelves for books or others etc. You could also create a wall of memories by doing a collage of your personal pictures, let the wall share your stories. And that can be easily done within minutes using Canva’s Photo Collage Maker tool. These are just off of the top of our head. You must use your imagination and make the walls your personal art; it is your home after all.

  1. Storage

This is a very crucial matter in home decor and has to be done right. There are very limited fixes you can make if it is not up to the mark. If done right, even a small apartment can have ample amount of space. Having a store room or loft is a mandate, to keep bulky rarely used / unused items. We also recommend more and more amount of drawers and shelves in the house. You may build open/closed shelves in the walls and keep presentable articles in it too. Nowadays, the need for storage has been the birth of creativity in quite a few ways. For example: People with limited space in their homes are storing their bicycles by hanging them up on a wall, and it looks damn good!

Author bio: Prince Kapoor is Independent Marketing Analyst and Blogger. While not working, you can find him in gym or giving random health advises to his colleagues which no one agrees on :D. If you too want some of his advises (on health or on marketing), reach him out at @imprincekapur

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