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Why is Hair Loss Common in Men than Women & How to Prevent

Though hair loss can happen to anyone, whether it is a man or woman, it is commonly noticed in men. About 70% men and 40% women have experienced permanent hair loss in their lifetime. This statistic shows a wide gap between both the genders, therefore, it is bound to have multiple reasons in both the genders for such hair loss.

The Reason for Hair Loss in Men

Men are highly susceptible to a genetically inherited condition called androgenic alopecia. During this condition, an action takes place in the androgen receptors present in the hair follicles. These receptors react to androgens such as dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a secondary testosterone that weakens hair follicles while damaging them. The men with testosterone go through the continuous process of generating DHT, which leads to hair loss in men more than women.

Due to the hormonal changes at an early age, androgenetic alopecia may commence at any age, while the risk gradually increases with the age. By the time of age 35, around two-thirds of men would have already experienced hair thinning caused due to hair loss. Most of the women as well experience hair loss, but it is ideally after menopause. This is the reason why most of the women only experience hair thinning and the men lose hair in a defined pattern.

Tips to prevent Hair Loss

As a few men are quite prone to hair shedding than others, here are some tips which you can incorporate into your daily life to slow down the process of hair loss.

–              Avoid inflaming the hair follicles

It is essential to take additional care of your hair at every age, while not damaging the hair follicles. You should not indulge in any act that may damage or harm the follicles. Avoid applying chemicals to your hair like a hair dye, bleach or chemical –infused shampoo. Moreover, exposing your hair to heat, such as dryers or straighteners may also lead to damage.

–              Choose nutritious diet

It is essential to eat something that is healthy and nutritious for your hair and skin. Pondering on a balanced diet full of zinc, iron, biotin, Vitamin D, omega-3, and protein can be a great way to avoid accelerating hair loss. Avoid consuming desserts and fried foods as it may increase the DHT activity while the desserts may trigger further testosterone release.

–              Look for FDA approved the medication for hair loss

There are easy ways to restore your hair growth with FDA approved medications such as Propecia. Propecia is meant to prevent hair loss in men with consistent use for six months. This drug has the ability to block testosterone from converting into DHT, thus preventing hair loss efficiently.

–              De-stress

According to past medical evidence, the studies reveal a strong connection between stress and hair loss. It is necessary to de-stress yourself from physical or mental stress to manage hormonal imbalance.

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