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7 camping essentials that will make your outdoor adventure more comfortable

Packing the right outdoor gear for your camping trip can be time-consuming. You want to make sure everything is perfect and useful because you don’t know how long you would have to stay at the camp-site in the middle of a forest and what are the things that you might encounter during your trip.

The outdoor gear, camping essentials you pack depends on the type of your trip, your camping location, and the duration of your trip. Keeping a checklist while packing will help you stay organized and keep track of all the essentials you take with you on tour.

Some of the must-have essentials that can make your outdoor adventure more fun include the following:

1. Tents

Tents are readily available on the internet, but it’s essential to find the one that perfectly fits all your needs: whether it’s accommodation, shape or color. But, before making your purchase, you need to identify the type of camping trip you’re going for. Similarly, you should consider the number of people you are accommodating. Not to forget, you need to evaluate the tent’s ability to tolerate harsh weather conditions before investing in one.

Once you’re familiar with the basics of selecting a camping tent, you can wisely spend your money on a durable and long-lasting canvas. The features you should look for in a tent are zippers, poles, material and of course, durability.

A short trip over the weekend would not require much except a backpack and some edible items. However, for a long journey, you will need a tent that helps with space optimization.

Generally, the size of the tent can also be measured by the number of people it can fit in. If you’re 2 people on a trip, then buy a tent that can comfortably accommodate 4 people. It will have enough space for you to stretch out and also store your supplies. The main idea while buying a tent is to ‘adjust’ the maximum number of people and still have enough space available. If you think you can smoothly go a little over your budget, then we’d suggest investing in multi-room tents. These tents are spacious and are available in various designs. You can purchase one with an internal zipper that separates two rooms, in case you’re camping with kids and require some privacy to yourself. Others are also available in 3 room styles.

2. Water Bottles

Years ago camping guides would recommend cans and gallons to campaigners. However, campaigners now have better options. Cans and gallons can make water taste really weird. This water is not suitable for consumption or to cook food with. With the advent of the internet and technology, people are now more aware of the benefits of drinking water from a Nalgene bottle. These bottles are made by manufacturers of the same name. There are still various models for you to choose from if you’re a choosy buyer.

You can also choose to carry your water filtration system if there are no space constraints.

3. Flashlight

Carrying a flashlight on your camping trip is mandatory. It is not only imperative but also crucial for safety measures. Try to invest in small, lightweight flashlights that are easy to operate and hold. Some campaigners still like to follow the traditional ways and would prefer carrying a headlamp with them. But if you’re wise enough, you’d carry a flashlight along with extra batteries.

Flashlights perform far better than headlamps and also provide long-lasting ‘brightness’ that is really useful at night. Plus, holding a heavy headlamp for long will make you tired and irritated, and that’s the last thing you want to experience.

4. Camp Stove

Open fire is an available option for cooking but it is bound to get messy most of the times. To add to that, campfires are also prohibited on most of the places for safety purposes, where wildfires could be a possible threat. This clearly indicates that you would have to bring your own stove on your camping trip. You would also need fuel and pots to do some cooking. Although this will take up more space than most of your belongings, it is suggested to bring one stove for every two campaigners. This will fasten the cooking process as compared to cooking on just one stove.

5. First Aid Kit

Some campaigners choose to take only a few essentials with them. However, they forget the most critical must-have – a first aid kit. We believe every campaigner should have their own personalized first aid kits. You can include the essential medicines or ointments in your bag as per space it occupies. Some necessary items are:

  • A pack of bandages
  • Sunblock
  • Gauze
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Benadryl
  • Aspirin
  • Topical lotions/gels
  • Painkillers
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Moleskin
  • Tweezers
  • Anti-Allergy creams or tablets

You also want to make sure you bring along any prescribed medication too. Pack a bright colored bag with all the essentials so that it can easily be identified as a first aid kit.

6. Map

If your camping trip involves even the slightest chance of a confusion, you’ll need a map to help you along. A well-constructed map will also be helpful while hiking. It’ll help you determine how much you have traveled and how much farther you have to move to reach your destination.

There are chances that a modern campaigner might prefer using the map on their phone or tablet. Digital maps provide a heap of information that might not be available on the paper map. Additionally, they are also a safe option as you can immediately call help in case of emergencies.

However, one downfall of using digital maps is that they are heavier than paper maps. They also occupy space and are highly dependent on data connection- something that is difficult to find in the wilderness.

7. Mess Kit

Every camping trip needs a mess kit, to prepare and serve food. Usually, it consists of mini flatware, a few pots or pans, two cups and two plates with a few spoons. You’ll find a lot of options ranging from colors, and sizes available in the market.

Mess kits are not something to think a lot about while packing. You can pack the minimum amount or add few extra pots depending on your choice of meals. Many camping foods can be eaten directly from the bags and wouldn’t require any plates. But if you want to make eggs, bacon, and pancakes for breakfast, you’ll be needing an extra of everything in your mess Kit.

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