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Why Raw Honey is Superior than Regular Honey?

All people may not have an idea about raw-honey and processed-honey. Usually, the regular- honey that you buy from the market will undergo heavy processing during the period of the pasteurization process. However, pasteurization destroys several vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids present in the unfiltered-honey. These would further reduce the honey’s nutritional value. Somehow, pure-honey is not same as that of the pasteurized-honey, as it can be taken out from the beehive and consumed directly.

What is Raw Honey?

It is the unfiltered-honey originally produced from the nectar of the flowers, and even it can be accessed directly from the beehive collected from the honeybee. You can intake more amounts of this fresh-honey on a daily basis that gives enough nutritional value and other health benefits.

Since bee pollen is present in the unpasteurized-honey, it was nature’s best nourishing food. It includes protein mixed with amino acids absorbed by the body. This Bee-pollen has been used to improve the unbalanced nutrition, as well as energy and vitality. It can even become helpful in reducing weight, health, destroying beauty, anti-aging, and some other allergies. These qualities get removed when the bee pollen get removed from the regular-honey.

Where to get Raw Honey? 

You can buy original pure raw honey directly from the trustworthy local beekeeper, or visit the online stores like ‘Amazon’ or some other best online sellers. It is one of the best platforms to find out the best original fresh organic-honey. You can also visit other standard websites to buy the raw sweet-honey.

Types of Raw Honey

Some are entirely unfiltered, while others have been filtered to provide too clear and liquid-type consistency. Also, it can be consumed directly from the hive (both liquid and solid sugar crystals). The honey usually arrives with yellow-white color, as well as dark amber or black, while all other colors rely on the floral origin.

It consists of more crystallized texture when it becomes cool, and you can turn a light cream color from the glucose crystals, as well as wax. It is entirely challenging to make out the difference between unpasteurized-honey and processed-honey.

No matter whether you use it as a diet or use as a medicine, it may lose its nutritional value. You can always buy pure-honey since it gets listed on the label. Hence, purchasing honey which gets labelled as unpasteurized or unfiltered is good.

Organic Raw Honey Benefits

Organic raw honey has several medicinal benefits when consumed alone or along with other foods or drinks. Likewise, the most common benefits of using natural honey include arthritis, hair-loss or baldness, reduce a toothache, decrease the cholesterol levels, and improve the digestion as well.

Treatment of Arthritis: Consume with the cinnamon powder and warm water to treat arthritis that is common among the older people. Patients who intake this mixture observe their pain getting diminished in few days. Patients are recommended to take the combination twice daily; either during morning and evening or in the night. With just one cup of hot water, a small teaspoonful of cinnamon and two teaspoonfuls of honey, the disease got fully cured.

Treatment of Hair-loss and Baldness: The organic unfiltered-honey is better for those people who experience too much of hair loss or baldness. One can apply the mixture of one teaspoon of raw organic honey, along with a teaspoon of cinnamon, a paste of olive oil with the warm water, and allow it to dry for about 15 minutes before washing the hair. It helps you in treating your baldness problem or hair-loss.

Kills Germs of Bladder: The unpasteurized-honey kills bacteria and remove the bladder infection. The people having bladder problems may add one tablespoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water for about one week.

Relieve a Toothache:  The patients who suffer from a toothache must apply full-teaspoon honey and one full-teaspoon cinnamon over the toothache area. When you follow this method for at least 2-3 times a day, your pain gets removed.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects: The organic raw honey also consists of a stimulator and an anti-inflammatory effect, which even increases tissue development in the wounds and further improves the healing process.

Improve Digestion: This natural honey develops probiotic bacteria in the gut, which improves digestion, and even prevents colon cancer to enhance the immune system; due to which, antioxidants present in the fresh-honey ensures that the colon works in a better way.

Reduce Cholesterol Levels: Patients with higher cholesterol levels must consume for minimum three tablespoons of cinnamon included with the two tablespoons of honey in some of the tea ounces. It must be taken for about minimum three times a day that further reduces the cholesterol levels gradually. Organic-honey can even be consumed along with regular foods by the patients with high cholesterol levels.

Some other health benefits are as below.

  • Pure honey helps in healing skin conditions, which forms plaque and narrows the blood vessels.
  • Unfiltered-honey has all kinds of vitamins, enzymes, as well as nutrients intact that helps in improving health.
  • The natural-honey consists of the antiviral and anti-fungal properties to destroy bacterial infection if any.
  • This sweetened unpasteurized-honey assists in balancing blood pressure, and thereby maintains the blood sugar levels.
  • This fresh-honey assists in improving the immune system.
  • Natural-honey assists in treating obesity, diabetes, hypertension, liver damage, and few allergies too.
  • Unfiltered-honey may contain antibiotics, and may even have some other kind of powerful antioxidants.

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