Initial Signs of pattern baldness and how to cope with them

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Most of us, particularly men experience a lot of balding and hair thinning issues throughout their lives. There are plenty of reasons for this misfortune for men including underlying medical conditions, improper diets, and bad hair care routine. Most of the baldness cases do not include immediate hair loss but a pattern hair loss that spread gradually at the entire scalp, one most common type is Androgenic Alopecia or male pattern baldness. This is an underlying condition that is caused by the excessive production of Dihydrotestosterone in the body. The condition starts by receding the hairline and gradually covers the whole scalp by creating an “M” shaped pattern on the scalp. The most affected hair follicles are from such condition lie at the front or upper part of the scalp, due to which most of the sufferers do not lose hair from sides and back of the scalp. The hair at back or sides is called the DHT resistant hair follicles that are later used for a hair transplant procedure.

Early signs of male pattern baldness

Taking immediate steps in order to sort out the hair loss and balding problems is the key to success for any hair restoration treatments. Diagnosing your hair loss condition quickly and selecting the remedies is what every trichologist suggest. If you are also suffering from hair loss, check out for the signs mentioned below.

Receding Hairline

The first sign of the male pattern baldness condition is thinning of hair at the frontal hairline. The initial thinning occurs at the temples that carry on to gradually recedes back the hairline making an “M” shaped pattern on the scalp.

Thinning at the crown

After the frontal hairline recedes a long way, the hair thinning covers the whole crown causing the baldness at the upper parts of the scalp as well, this approaches toward the complete baldness. In such conditions, you may or may not be able to restore your hair depending upon the availability of potential donor hair follicles at the sides and crown of the scalp.

Curly hair

Although this is uncommon in most of the men suffering from male pattern hair loss, it does occur to some of them and is considered as one of the initials signs of balding. This typically occurs when you are having hair thinning at the crown.

Loss of hair on top of the head

Most of the men who are suffering from Androgenic Alopecia will tend to lose the majority of strands from their head, leaving behind just a few strands at the sides and back of the scalp.

In some situations, the hair loss may occur at the sides or back of the scalp as well, normally in the form of patches. Such a hair loss condition not only the Androgenic alopecia condition a there might be some other hair loss condition involved such as Alopecia Areata.

Sudden hair loss

Due to of a physical or emotional trauma or stress, you can suddenly lose hair in clumps. This excessive thinning is horrifying for most of the people and they tend to fall in even more stressful conditions. Such hair loss condition either causes overall hair thinning or complete baldness.

What to do if you notice hair loss?

IF you are noticing that you are losing more than usual hair a day and that is causing a visible thinning on your scalp, this is the time you need to start considering your hair loss serious. Since hair loss can be triggered by many different conditions, adopting a good hair caring routine and balanced dieting regimen would help you slow down or even stop the running hair loss condition.

If you are consuming enough nutrients, having a good hair routine and still you are losing hair, then there is something else behind your hair loss condition, the immediate trigger can be some underlying conditions. There are different treatments for different types of hair loss conditions, therefore, finding out the exact culprits are necessary in order to cure the disease. At hair transplant Dubai clinic, the expert surgeons are capable of preparing a treatment that is tailored for most of the cases of male pattern baldness cases.

Treatments Options

There exist many surgical and non-surgical ways to treat hair loss and hair thinning concerns in both men and women. Below mentioned are the most effective out of them.


It is an FDA approved a topical solution for mild to moderate hair loss and hair thinning concerns. It enhances the hair follicle’s health and stimulates their production, giving rise to fuller and thicker hair. There are several side effects that can be induced by Minoxidil as well. Therefore, it is recommended to use this topical solution only after the prescription of your surgeon.

Improve your dieting regimen

The DHT sensitive hair follicles tend to fall out early if there exist nutritional deficiency in the body. Adopting a healthy dieting regime would help you avoid such severe hair loss conditions and make your hair follicles strong enough to counter the effects of Dihydrotestosterone.

Non-surgical therapies

If you are still having wet hair follicles despite consuming a healthy diet regularly, then you may need to either go for supplements or hair growth injections.

Blood plasma injections are designed to regulate the blood supply in your scalp and provide the hair follicles with enough number of growth factors, which are necessary for the hair productions.

In Platelet Rich plasma, the fluid part of blood enriched with plasma is separated from other blood and is inserted into the scalp directly through a series of injections. These higher growth injections nourish the scalp with enough growth values and provide the hair follicles with a sufficient amount of collagen and elastin, which are essential components when talking about the hair growth.

Apart from such injection, there also exist low-level laser light therapy, a modern hair restoration treatment that induces minimum discomfort by providing maximum outcomes. It has no side effects and no drawback and the procedure is simple and easier.

Selecting the treatment for hair loss or baldness requires visiting a hair loss specialist and ask for the possible remedies.

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