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Biophilic Office Design 101

The office once used to be this cold, corporate environment void of color and life. Today, however, the importance of a good interior design is starting to be recognized. More and more leaders are concerned about their workers’ well-being and are willing to improve their office design in order to make them happier and more satisfied. Seeing as how there are been plenty of different trends around, it can be hard to find the right one for your company. Should you go for an open-plan layout or have offices and cubicles? Which colors are great for lifting the mood and boosting productivity? While there are many factors to take into consideration, have in mind that there is an approach that is known to have a great impact on our health – biophilic design. Here is what you need to know.

What is biophilic design?

Biophilia is described as an inborn affinity which humans have for nature. In today’s times, when we have drifted far from our roots and Mother Earth, we can easily get burnt out and feel disconnected. The biophilic design thus aims to reinforce these connections – by bringing the outdoors inside. Being surrounded by nature or even just things reminiscent of nature has been proven to lower our stress levels, help us focus and make us feel generally happier and more relaxed. Thanks to these findings, elements of biophilic design are being incorporated not only into homes but into commercial buildings too. Its benefits for an office environment, where being focused and on top of tasks is especially important, are numerous. Here are a few ways in which you can bring nature into your interior.

Ways to introduce biophilia into your office

Lighting is everything

While good lighting is an important element of any interior design style, it is an especially essential part of biophilic design. Sunlight is one of the most basic elements out there but we often forget about its importance. Plenty of natural light in an office boosts the productivity and the mood of your employees. Thus, your best bet is huge windows and light window treatments. If the location of your property is blessed with a natural view, allow this view to penetrate your indoors and everyone inside will instantly feel better.

Plants, plants, plants

Having a few potted plants all around the office is as close to nature as you can get. Carefully chosen plants will also clear the indoor air – which is usually much more polluted than outdoor air – preventing headaches and other health problems. Besides the health benefits, plants also add a visual appeal to any interior, so your visitors will be charmed by the look of your office.

The color green

Oftentimes, it is enough to just see the color green or pictures of natural landscapes on the wall for your mood and concentration to improve. In addition, according to color psychology, green is a color of tranquility and harmony, so make sure you introduce a lot of this color throughout the office via various means. Hanging a few pictures is especially important if you cannot have plants for some reason or if the view is less than inspiring. Besides green, use other natural shades such as browns and blues.

The furnishing

Not only the look, but the functionality of your office furniture is of the essence too. Make sure you supply your employees with ergonomic furniture so that they can maintain their natural posture and stay happy and productive throughout the day, avoiding annoying neck and back pain. Quality executive office furniture is both stylish and comfortable, and the man-made leather design will fit into any interior style and bring in some natural texture.

Additional features

To reap the most benefits of a biophilic interior, think about making your lounge area or break room a little oasis. Fill these areas with plants or even add a small water feature such as an indoor fountain – the sound of water is another amazing stimulant that calms most people – so that your employees can recharge their batteries and feel refreshed going back to work. Finally, if the space allows it, incorporating a living wall into your reception area, lobby or meeting room is a splendid idea that will easily become the focal point of your office and everyone’s favorite spot.

Biophilia has been around for a couple of decades now but it has been gaining more and more popularity in the past couple of years, as people realize that we are, after all, also parts of nature. Bring some green into your working environment and you will see the difference yourself!

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Written by Chloe Smith

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