Creative and Inexpensive Ideas For an Efficient Office Setup

An office is more than just space where you spend a couple of hours a day. It’s a space where you come to put effort into something creative, interesting, and useful. It’s the space where you come to be creative and reach your full potential. If the office doesn’t look the way you’d like it to look, it might fail you in terms of efficiency. You need to be satisfied to be productive and achieve something. If you don’t know how to make your office meet your needs, here are a couple of ideas to help you do so successfully.

Get an air freshener

It sometimes seems that you need to invest a lot of money to get a space that will inspire you. However, that is not very true. Of course, you can do it, but it isn’t necessary. If you’re looking for more affordable ways to make the most of the office, think simple. For instance, adding just an air freshener to the ensemble can do a lot.

An air freshener makes your office smell better than ever which is a feature that you shouldn’t neglect. Working in a stale cigarette smoke unable to get rid of it can be pretty bad for you. You should treat your senses better and you can do it simply with a smell of lemon, jasmine, or lavender.

Make it personal

Another inexpensive way to make the most of any space is to make it more personal. You need something that will induce you to get better at your work. Even if everything else in the office is perfect, you’ll always miss the feeling that you belong there. With a couple of framed pictures or something handmade, you can create a very personal space.

You can even make something and place it in the office. For instance, you can have a feature wall with the company logo or you can make a table out of the old kitchen door. You can do anything that will associate you with your company and the green ideas are the best ideas. You’ll save money that you would spend otherwise on expensive pieces of art and you’ll also invest time into creating your own office which will make you appreciate it more than ever.

Corporate art

There is no worse thing in an office than a boring poster of an animal followed by an inspirational quote. Such posters are good calls only if you want to kill the vibe in the office. However, there are much better ways to inspire and get inspired in an office.

You can legally acquire a digital photo of the brand and download it. After that, you can crop it, zoom it, and add any effects you like. Once that part is done, you can proceed to enlarge it and print it with a quote, poem, or excerpt you like and find interesting and inspiring. Once you frame this, you’ll get a unique piece of art that will enrich your office and make it look better than ever.

Use a chalkboard

If you find regular offices boring and uninspiring, you probably don’t like the idea of a whiteboard either. Anything that reminds you of endless days and hours spent working is a bad idea if you want to create the best possible office. Instead of using a whiteboard in your office, you can spice things up with a chalkboard.

A chalkboard is highly practical since it is very easy to take notes when you’re on your phone or you need to write something down quickly. It’s an even better idea in terms of aesthetics as well. A chalkboard is a more stylish option and it makes the room seem livelier.

Invest in some mats

Practical and beautiful hacks are the best ones. If they’re also inexpensive, you can’t get luckier than that. Fortunately, you can do something that has all of these three features in your office. Namely, you can get some mats.

Mats are essential because the flooring can get very damaged from the rolling office chairs. With a quality mat, you can prevent any indentations, scuffs, and other marks on your flooring. It’s even easier to move the chair when you have a mat and, as a result of prolonging the life of your flooring, you’ll even save some money. Make sure to add some interesting logo mats and do the most for the company and the office.

Keep it clean

Sometimes the safest way to increase productivity and creativity in an office is to keep it really simple. Namely, one of the things you can (and should) always do is keep the office clean. If everyone in the office knows the rules and respects them, that shouldn’t be a problem. For starter, you can introduce a ‘no eating at desk’ policy that will immediately show some great results. You will notice soon that the rubbish is where it should be and that the crumbs are kept from the floor.

Another thing to keep neat, next to the kitchen situation, is the cord situation. Cords most often get tangled and they make everything seem worse than it actually is. Your computer area might get too dusty all because of improperly stored cords. Indeed, it’s not easy finding your way with all of the cables, cords, plugs, and wires. However, it’s possible. Make sure to organize your cables, label everything, wrap it carefully, and place them safely. It doesn’t get more affordable than this when it comes to office décor.

Get more natural elements

There is no better way to boost creativity but to bring in the outdoors. Plants are some of the best additions to any space, but they are particularly amazing in offices. With their numerous benefits, they enrich any space and make everything run smoother. The first important thing plants do is relieve stress. When people are stressed and even burnt out, it’s impossible to expect any kind of productivity from them. On the other hand, when they are relaxed and calm, they can reach their full potential.

Even the sickness and absence rates are reduced in offices full of plants. The air is also cleared thanks to the magic of plants which means that everyone, from workers to clients can enjoy their time in the office with no headaches or any other issues. With some great office plants, such as English Ivy, Aloe, Philodendron, or lucky bamboo, you can make everyone feel amazing once they step into your office.

Repurpose some of the office things

Isn’t it great using the most of what you have and spending the bare minimum, but ending up with a refreshed and brand new look for your office? That’s exactly what repurposing can do once you get to it. If you’ve noticed things getting moved around too much or things that are no longer used, don’t throw them away. Instead, save them and find a new use for them.

For instance, if magazine holders are laying around the place with no magazines in them, collect them and paint them. After that, attach them to the wall, and make a simple and interesting shelf. On the other hand, if you lack magazine holders, you can make these out of old wall brackets. Another idea for some more storage space might be to use an old window. You can use the window for putting down the reminders, timetables, or inspirational quotes to get you through the day.

Bring in some light

Finally, the simplest way to improve an office is to play with the lighting. A well-illuminated office makes everyone there feel awake, focused, and ready to work. To make an office brighter, make sure to first remove the blinds. You don’t need anything that will prevent the natural light from getting in there.

Another way to get a brighter office is to get some mirrors in there. Mirrors are the tools that are the easiest to use to manipulate the lighting. If possible, place the mirrors across the windows. Of course, use some better light bulbs, as well. The ideal choice would be LED lighting.


Being productive isn’t always easy. It gets even more difficult when the surroundings are not as good. With these simple and effective tips, you’ll create a warm and inviting office that everyone will adore.

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