10 Best Android Anti-Theft Apps to Protect Your Device

Owning a mobile phone is not enough, handling it with due care is more important. So, do you use the GPS tracker app for device safety?

When parents spend several dollars in buying a smartphone for the kid, a sense of responsibility is expected from the child. But, no one can deny the fact that a phone could get stolen or lost anytime, anywhere (by anyone).

Approximately 2 million mobile phones go missing every year in the US, and subscriber fraud costs cell phone companies, probably more than 100 million per year. So, statistically speaking, there is a fair chance that any day it could be your kid’s mobile. That’s why we are taking a glance at Anti-Theft apps.

If your children are Android users, here are the best Anti-Theft applications for their mobile safety.

1. Anti-Theft by Bit Guardian Parental Control:

It is a software application that allows parents to balance the digital lives of their kids. Monitoring and controlling of child’s online activity are comfortable with this app.

If the teen has misplaced or lost the device, or it is stolen, Bit Guardian Parental Control comes in rescue. The anti-theft tool works exclusively well and provides a few useful options to recover the mobile.

  • Find Location: Detect the device using GPS location.
  • Ring Alert: Ring your child’s device from your phone to check if it’s lying in the house or if someone receives and ask them to recover.
  • Reset Factory: When the gadget is stolen, the major concern is data security. This tool enables parents to erase all data and restore factory settings.

This software also offers additional tools to benefit parents and kids in manifold ways that include:

  • Panic and SOS Alert to help kids during emergencies.
  • App and Call Blockers to block inappropriate applications and an unidentified caller on the child’s device.
  • GPS Tracker to follow teen’s Speed Limit and their whereabouts.
  • Time Schedule to fix the hours of using applications, and many more.

2. Anti-Theft Alarm:

As per the name, this Anti-Theft Android app will buzz a loud alarm in various circumstances including:

  • If someone moves the device from its place.
  • If the SIM card is changed.
  • If the mobile is unplugged from a charging point.
  • If the smartphone is dropped.

In case the kid’s phone is stolen, parents can remotely activate the alarm. And, it keeps on buzzing even if the device is in silent mode. Once an alarm is activated, it won’t stop without a passcode.

However, this software does not provide post theft features like wiping the data or locating the gizmos.

3.  Avast Mobile Security:

Avast security has maps, remote controls, and an array of alarms. It has a couple of characteristics that require attention:

  • Remote listening: It makes missing devices calling parents on another number so the caller can listen to its surroundings.
  • Low battery notification: This feature will provide a hint about whether someone is using or charging the missing phone. Secondly, parents can conserve the energy of a lost smartphone by reducing the number of sirens, alarms, or photos as per the request.

4. App Lock:

Applock is a basic application that lets users protect any app with a password.

However, this software is not useful to recover the lost device, yet it is still helpful to secure the device data.

This Anti-Theft mobile app also hides pictures and videos and restrict calls. It means a thief cannot see the private information or any financial account credentials.

5.  Cerberus:

Cerberus is the third party Anti-Theft app. It can protect the gizmos with automatic alerts, web portals, and remote control via text message.

This application is useful in different ways, such as:

  • To locate and track the mobile.
  • To upload call logs.
  • To wipe the external and internal memory.
  • To secretly take a photo or a video of a thief and upload it on cloud.
  • To record audio from parent’s devices, etc.

6. Prey:

It tracks the phone, laptop, or any other electronic gadget. Prey perform various functions in finding the lost device described as:

  • Setting Geofencing areas to receive a notification if the predefined boundary is breached.
  • Viewing the phone’s location.
  • Taking pictures of thieves.
  • Activating remote locking.
  • Data wiping.

7. Where’s my Droid:

This application offers a few functions like:

  • Locating the lost device and making a ring on the stolen phone.
  • Setting a password and sending an alert if the SIM card is changed.
  • Clicking photos of thieves and locking and wiping the gadget’s data.
  • Providing location history and activating the Geofencing tool.

8. Find My Device by Google:

Find My Device provide a few functionalities that include:

  • Remotely locking the missing Android phone.
  • Signing out of the device.
  • Erasing the content.
  • Locating the lost mobile on a map and making a ring from parents cell phone.

When the phone is remotely locked, a lock screen message can be sent to the missing device. That message will be reflected on the phone’s screen permanently until the tool is disabled.

9. Lookout:

This GPS tracker app can be useful to detect the missing device in many ways like:

  • Locating the cell phone and scanning the downloaded apps to check whether the applications are safe to use.
  • Monitoring websites to assure that they are not stealing any personal information.
  • Limiting app permissions to children.
  • Taking backups of call logs and photos.
  • Remotely locking and erasing the device data.
  • Receiving alerts if some mischief is made to the smartphone.
  • Sending breaching reports if any applications are hacked.

10. Anti-Theft by CrookCatcher:

This Anti-theft mobile app has multiple functionalities, which can be used to find stolen gadget:

  • Taking a selfie if a robber enters the wrong code.
  • Detecting the missing gizmos and sending the location on an email.
  • Noticing SIM card change.
  • Hiding the new picture’s notification until its unlocked, etc.

It’s truly said, ‘precaution is better than cure.’ If you have an Anti-Theft Android app installed on the device, it could quickly help in detecting the lost phone.

However, from the above list, pick one that suits your requirements. But, a smart choice relies on choosing the versatile app like Bit Guardian Parental Control that not only finds the missing device but also takes care of the digital life of children.

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Written by Hiren Dharsandiya

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