Choose It Wisely – Career Path and You

One of the most important questions you ask yourself is what job is right for you. With so many professions slowly disappearing and new ones emerging, people started paying more attention to fit the demand. To choose it wisely, you need to carefully plan your career path and here are the most important things to take into consideration to be successful.

Know your skills

Most jobs today depend on technology so being comfortable with computers and tablets is a big plus. However, some skills are not so general and are specific to a certain profession. For example, a manager needs good leadership skills while HR has to be great in communication to help the employees.

So put on the list everything you believe to be good at – every talent and every skill, even those that may not seem important. If you have extensive knowledge of movies, try to figure out what makes that skill special like having an analytical eye and compassion. Pay attention to those skills that are marketable and will help your career path.

What is your work style?

Every career demands a certain tempo to perform the tasks and get the job done successfully. This is why you need to be aware of your work style and whether you can survive in certain environments. For example, if you have a problem to stay concentrated on the job which leads to procrastination, you may be better off with an authority figure above your head.

Ask yourself whether you are more comfortable working at your own pace or you work better with a supervisor. These factors are something you can change with practice but in order to get there, you need to be ready for compromises. Knowing your work style will help you decide if you are ready to change for a job or if you should seek another employment opportunity.

Set your goals

Before you start looking for a job, consider what makes you tick. Knowing what you expect to gain from your career will help you feel satisfied and fulfill your long-term aspirations. For example, think about the earnings you hope to have, do you want to travel and how far you hope to advance in your workplace.

Having an idea of your plans and working towards them will also make you more dedicated and diligent at your job. Just calculate how much time and money is necessary to fulfill your goals and create a plan to get there. Even though goals can change over time, it is still nice to have a focus and plan in place so you can start improving and building your career.

Gain the knowledge

There are two ways to approach education. The first one is to get the education and then look for the job you can do with the gained knowledge. Namely, IT is so popular today that you can do it remotely or as a full-time job anywhere in the world and for an excellent salary. Secondly, you can pay attention to current trends and get your qualifications once you set your mind on a certain profession.

For example, attending a private beauty college in Australia is on the rise since job seekers recognized the high demand of the market for beauticians. Europe and the US have seen demand for back end developers and data engineers which inspires people to gain appropriate qualifications through specialized courses outside the college.

Explore different opportunities

Even though you will be pressured to make a career choice, try to don’t succumb to it. It’s best to explore a few career opportunities in order to see which one is the best for you. Try temporary and remote jobs that don’t last long but offer insight into different work demands.

This way you will gain more skills you will need in the future, but also learn more about responsibility and different approaches to work ethics. So before you make a definite decision on your career path, explore various industries and roles as much as you can to improve.


A career path is not something to be taken lightly so you need a plan to choose it wisely and make it work. Concentrate on your skills, get additional education and be ready to compromise, among other things so you can reach your goals. It may be overwhelming, but with every step forward you will feel more confident and better at your job.

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Written by Lena Hemsworth

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