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How to Boost Your Productivity While Working with Salesforce


Time is money as it is said and since more businesses are competing to get the best from salesforce, you might also need to boost your productivity so as to increase sales and profits. Sometimes you might feel lazy or too tired to work. The methods listed below are easy and fast ways of ensuring that you are more productive. They include:

  • Work only when you are most effective. Do not push yourself too hard. You might even find yourself making mistakes or taking too long to accomplish small tasks.
  • Plan for downtime.
  • Get rid of existing commitments and add a new one. You can also plan ahead for tomorrow’s tasks so that when you are done working on a task, you will know what task to take on next. You will also know which tasks should be prioritized.
  • Create your own productivity hacks so as to make the work environment-friendly. Salesforce can take a lot of your time seated down, especially if you are a sales manager. Creating an activity that you can still do while you are working will help you to be more productive.
  • Don’t do the least important tasks first. Deal with the tough and large tasks first so that when you are exhausted, you can do the less important tasks.
  • Do not work against psychology.
  • Learn how to work with different salesforce tools. The latest tools such as salesforce dx are very important.
  • Know how to delegate tasks to others.
  • Learn not to sweat the small stuff. Though you may have limited time, learn how to work smarter and harder at the same time. This will give you the ability to handle stressful situations. Making the most out of your time will increase your productivity and keep you learning new things.

When you are more productive, you will also increase business productivity. Customers are the most valuable assets that a company can have. Maximum productivity keeps customers coming back and your data will also be correct. Gathering the right information requires you to be productive and you will also use the right tools. What happens when you are most productive and you have salesforce?

  • You will close leads faster – Salesforce boosts lead conversation by up to 30%.
  • Better access to customer information – Your sales team is able to see their contacts, accounts, tasks, and opportunities in one place. This gives you a full view of your customer.
  • Improved accounting – Salespeople can create their own dashboards so you can understand their performance and information from different graphs will be used to track the time spent on each account.
  • Easy collaboration – You are able to share information with clients and with your team. You will also be able to allocate different tasks to different sales people and this will prevent confusion. It will also keep everyone in the sales process loop.

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Sujain Thomas is a business marketer who has helped businesses improve productivity and boost sales using salesforce. During his free time, Simon loves watching football matches with his friends. For more information about Salesforce, visit

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