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How to Stay Safe in the Wilderness When Confronted with a Bear?


It’s truly enthralling to come across a bear in the wild. Bears are large omnivores who seem to be shy and elusive. However, sharp-eyed wildlife enthusiasts and travelers are able to spot them every now and then in the jungles of the U.S.A. and Canada. Majority of the encounters with bears are supposed to be quite safe and exhilarating but at times, bears could become pretty dangerous and could prove to be really deadly. If you are camping or hiking in a place that is inhabited by wild bears, you need to keep the following few tips in mind to go safely back home.

Avoid a Risky Encounter

The most effective way of staying safe in a region full of bears is to try and avoid an encounter altogether. You could give the bears an advance warning signal by making a lot of noise along your trail. Many hikers would focus more on safety. Hence, they would be moving in groups and wearing a bell that would keep jingling and alerting more and more animals of stranger presence. Yet other wildlife enthusiasts would be speaking loudly or making a lot of noise, or singing in a group to alert the wildlife around them. The underlying idea is to allowing them enough opportunity to escape and avoid unnecessary and perilous interactions. If you come across a bear with her cubs, you need to be more cautious as she may tend to be overprotective and obviously, aggressive.

Do Not Panic

You need to remain calm. Bears are not in the habit of attacking humans. You simply need to avoid panicking. Do not shift your eyes from the bear. Be conscious of your surroundings. Some bears would try to scare you by snarling, growling, and even by charging. They are simply putting on an act and in all probability they would soon run away and disappear in the jungles.If the bear shows no signs of withdrawing, you need to send a clear signal. Talk authoritatively and in a strong and clear voice to scare the timid animal away.

Some Survival Techniques

When a rare bear attack occurs it is really of pivotal importance to stay calm and work cleverly. You must take an appropriate action depending on the type of the bear. There are the black bears and the brown bears.In this context, you may book your room at Tadoba National Park resorts to see a host of enthralling wildlife including the bears, deer, sloth bears, leopards, etc.

Remember black bears are generally not the attacking type, so they may just quit the scene if you put up a brave fight. Do not forget that black bears are really aggressive and get into the attacking mode real soon. Grizzly bears are dangerous and it is the best policy to play dead until the bear completely loses interest in you and leaves you alone.

You may even consider carrying a bear spray for extra protection. This is a highly concentrated version of the pepper spray that is effective enough to compel him to stay away.


 You must face wildlife encounters with a great deal of cleverness and common sense. Bears are very big and often pretty aggressive animals and capable of action real fast. If you do not respect this vital fact, you may end up in trouble.

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