Role of AI in Mobile Application Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be seen as a part of our day-to-day life. When speaking about AI, the first thing that crosses our mind is Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. According to a recent report, Google and Baidu are spending several billion dollars on Artificial intelligence. The idea of this smart assistant can easily solve your everyday tasks and help you attract millions of users to your business. Artificial intelligence does not only limit smart assistance only, but it can also go beyond that; nowadays, there are several apps that take advantage of AI to improve the satisfaction of the user.

AI has the power to revolutionize the mobile application. AI is a computer science technology that can help in developing humans – like intelligence in the machine. AI offers machines the ability to react, act, and behave like humans. Mobile applications are developing with AI-powered tools that can provide a personalized and comprehensive user experience. A mobile application can easily understand the behavior of the user and can easily build a personal experience with the users. This leads to an increase in the engagement of users, which results in a memorable experience and a long-lasting loyalty from them. The major role which is played by AI is to make more user-centric and intelligent mobile applications.

Here are some of the roles of AI which helps in shaping the Mobile application future –

Search engine optimization

Earlier Mobile applications take the input from the users in text or voice form to search for any brand or product. You also need to know the appropriate keyword or the description of the product. What will happen, the user does not know its description or what the product is called? With the help of AI in mobile applications, this problem can be easily solved.

AI will offer to incorporate visual search in the mobile app during its development. With the help of the AI-powered technique, visual search can be conducted to recognize the images’ content with its location of the device. Today, mobile applications are developed in such a way to support visual recognition. Voice recognition canes easily increase conversion rates. For instance, if a user wants to buy something, and he does not know what it is called, then he can click a picture of it and can use it to search for the product. This picture will be recognized by AI-powered visual search.

Logical reasoning automation

It is the ability of the machines to find the answers or solutions to complex issues. The use of artificial intelligence in the mobile application can develop machinability. Machines are capable of analyzing the preference of the user, for instance, their likes and dislikes and can also find the appropriate solutions for them. There are several applications that make life much easier for users.

Level increase automation

With artificial intelligence, the developers can easily save a lot of cost on hiring the staff who are dedicated to doing a particular job or task that is time-consuming and repetitive. AI can easily automate the tasks which can be done without human efforts and inputs. All this will make the process of mobile application development very cost-effective, less human error-prone, and quick.

IoT and AI amalgamation

IoT refers to the internet of things, which means the network of devices that are interconnected. Some smart gadgets, such as fitness bands, smartphones, smartwatches, etc., are examples of AI. Today, users are connected to all such devices. These all devices function through some mobile application that has Artificial intelligence-powered sensors and a chip, which helps them understand the routine of the uses. During the process of mobile development linking, IoT and AI can result in the appropriate utilization of the resources.

Automatic reply

Mobile application developers can easily feature auto-reply features that are powered by AI in mobile apps. A mobile app that is not powered by artificial intelligence will not be able to communicate with the users. An artificial intelligence mobile app can easily communicate with the user and device. When a user sends any message, the device will understand the issue and answer it with Artificial intelligence’s help. For instance, Google has launched a special AI feature in Gmail, known as Smart reply.

Personalized user experience

Mobile application developers aim to offer a highly personalized experience to the users, and providing a good experience is not a one-time activity. Mobile app developers need to provide a highly customized experience continuously as this will take the user’s loyalty and expertise to a new level. The content they will offer to the users will enhance and shape their experience in the right way; moreover, good and exciting content will always win the consumers. With the help of artificial intelligence, users can quickly develop the appropriate content for the users. AI can help to analyze the behavior of the users and can also understand their choices.

Moreover, on the basis of the behavior of the user, you can send notifications about the offers, discounts, or products that are relevant to them. To provide a more user-specific experience, AI allows the user to prioritize the app according to their requirement and use. Because of this, the user will feel more connected with the mobile app.

Real-time translation

Mobile app developers incorporate the AI translator in the apps of the device. This future will eliminate the requirement of installing a new app for translation purposes. No matter in which language the inputs are given, the mobile app will be able to understand it all. Without any lag or delay, the input text is translated. The involvement of such tools in the mobile app increases its reach around the globe.

Security enhancement with facial recognition

Mobile app developers have incorporated facial recognition, which is powered by AI to enhance the security of your device. Apple uses it, and this technique is so advanced that it can identify your face even when you have some facial changes like beardedness. This technology can be used for gaining the accesses but also for the following –

  • This technology can be used to restrict kids from seeing inappropriate advertisements.
  • Facial recognition technology can be used for fraud detection methods, as it substitutes the use of ID and passwords for obtaining access.
  • It can also be used in medicine for scanning the faces of the patients so that symptoms and diagnosis of the diseases.

AI chatbots

AI chatbots are robots that are used for the purpose of chat. These chatbots are used in place of humans to chat with the users in case of any problem. The mobile developers integrated these chatbots in mobile apps and can save the cost of hiring the staff for customer service. There are several repetitive questions that are being asked by the users. For instance, store opening time, availability of stock, etc., and they can be addressed by AI-integrated Chatbots.


Artificial intelligence is shaping mobile application development’s future, and it is very significant. AI offers mobile app developers a lot of options and opportunities to accelerate and innovate. The rapid development and use of AI have changed the way machines and humans use to communicate with one another. In no time, AI will be the core foundation of Mobile Application Development.

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