Tempered Glass vs. Plastic: The Right Screen Protector for You

Buying a costly phone means you need to be extra careful with its safety. The first thing that comes to the mind is buying a screen protector to let the original screen remain unharmed.

But the most common confusion is which one should you buy? If it should be Tempered Glass or Plastic made of?

Saying would not wrong that right screen is quite essential to buy. And this is a most frequent question to ask among the phone lovers. Here, we are going to emphasize on this topic in a great way.

Prominent Issues with Plastic Screen Protectors – 

Though many people do buy a plastic screen protector because of its low cost, it is not a smart decision since it may lead to permanent damage to your phone screen. And results come in the form of big loss in case if your original phone screen gets harmed due to low-cost plastic screen saver.

  • Plastic screen protectors are not that way much great since they are less scratch resistant in comparison to the tempered glass full coverage alternative.
  • Later on, those small scratches can also lead towards larger cracks and look quite ugly.
  • Using Plastic screen protectors would not let you have the desired clarity you have been looking for as Glass screen protector can impart you.
  • Plastic screen protectors tend to smudge because of constant fingerprints touch and skin oil
  • Plastic screen protectors are not designed in a way so can ideally stick to curved edges and it leads towards leaving more areas uncovered.

And this is why; the smartphone lovers are quite inclined towards buying Custom Screen Protector to add a glam factor to their mobile’s style.

How Are Tempered Glass Screen Protector Good in Comparison Of Plastic Screen Protector?

Glass screen protector can be a bit costly but it is a long-term based investment in the context of your phone’s safety. Here, the prominent reasons have been mentioned behind choosing glass screen protector over plastic based.

  • Oil- and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass or Sapphire Glass assures that users would have great clarity.
  • These screen protectors are quite sturdier in comparison to plastic screen protectors
  • They are designed in a way so that you would have better usability while doing fingers glide. You would have  more smooth experience on a tempered glass screen
  • The glass screen easily prevents excessive fingerprints and oil smudges and that is why you do not need to worry about the losing clarity as you would have in the beginning while using.
  • Installing glass screen brings the same amount of clarity as same as original phone screen.
  • Moreover, it is quite easy to clean.

Best thing is that some platform does offer the glass screen protector at the best online prices since they hold the wide Wholesale Tempered Glass Screen Protector collection.

Last Words –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to buy the right screen protector to enhance the life of your mobile screen keeping it completely new and attractive.

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