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Must Things to do and Activities in Rajasthan

Traveling in Rajasthan also means living in Rajasthan and sharing the activities of the region! Outside the traditional circuits of India, have fun experimenting the country locally.

Elephant ride in Amber – Jaipur

We do not go to Rajasthan without going through Amber. The fortress overlooking the hamlet is the ancient capital of the region which explains the beauty of its architecture and that to access the Maharaja once ridden elephant. A unique experience and live in the natural and local splendor of the past.

Balloon Ride near Jaipur

A nice team, well organized and very professional at your service to organize a hot air balloon ride. All the security conditions are respected. The pilots are very experienced and can answer all your questions. Upon landing, be prepared to be greeted by a crowd of amazed children from the nearby village. Do not hesitate, take a little height and treat yourself to a magical moment in a country that is just as good!

Spend a day with elephants in Jaipur

In a large elephant farm, get to know the pachyderms: before taking a bath with them to wash them, you can also feed them, paint them, and mount them! It’s pretty impressive at first but they are very endearing animals, the fear goes away! An activity not to be missed if you are in the Jaipur area!

Zipline in Jodhpur

It is original and adventure way to discover Jodhpur while thrills. Enjoy between 45 minutes to 60 minute to fly over the blue city and have a breathtaking view of the fort.

A professional and friendly team, security measures standards, if you feel dizzy in normal times, the feeling of slipping on the empty is not that of falling so no problem!

Boat on the Udaipur Lake

Lake Pichola is the heart of the old town of Udaipur. Bordered by the Ghats, the ramparts of the palace of the city and green hills, the lake is famous for its white palace emerging from the waters, the Lake Palace.

This boat trip is a real moment of respite and calm that allows you to take the time to see the city differently.

Music show and traditional dances in Jaisalmer

The dancers disguise themselves and borrow from the community of Kalbelia their heavy dresses adorned with pearls and sequins. The musicians accompanying them generally belong to the caste Manganiars and play instruments such as bansuri (bamboo flute, probably one of the oldest instruments of northern India), the kartal (kind of castagnnettes to the highly evolved technique), kamanche (a kind of fiddle), dholak (percussion with two skins), etc.

For lovers of tradition, music or dance, or just to relax in an idyllic setting and enjoy a show of beauty, it may be that an evening like this remains one of the most beautiful of your life !

Camel safari in the Thar Desert

To discover the Thar Desert, a unique natural reserve in India, traveling by camel (camel actually …) is a magical experience. It allows reconnecting with the means of local locomotion, to learn to know a wacky animal and to cross seas of sand as far as the eye can see. A night in a tent on the dunes under the stars is strongly recommended: sunset and sunrise will make you tear up the eye with the eye of emotion. Finally, the dinner served is hearty and tasty.

Warning: avoid traveling during the hot season or winter (December – January). Also note that during the monsoon, insects are at the rendezvous.

In the footsteps of Bhageera – (See the Panthers)

The panther is a rare and impressive animal. When you come to India, you think of elephants and dromedaries, which allows you to stay wild and in complete freedom. For a year or two, in Bera near Udaipur, organizations have opened their doors to give you the opportunity to observe them.

Take a Rural and Luxury train ride

Famous thanks to Rudyard Kipling’s book ” The Man Who Would Be King”, this 1930’s train travels through a number of wooded hills through many stone bridges. A beautiful landscape, feeling lost in the middle of nowhere, an hour and a half of pleasure awaits you. To live alone or with others is also an opportunity to meet the local population and try to communicate! Rajasthan is famous for its rich culture and heritage of India that you can explore through Palace on Wheels train.

Attend a Bollywood cinema session at Raj Mandir in Jaipur

A Bollywood movie is in itself a unique experience that can last up to three hours. It is not always useful to understand Hindi to live the emotions and to be carried away by the music and dance of the film.

The Raj Mandir, with its atypical architecture and the enthusiasm of its audience is a reference in the world of cinema. A unique experience of buying the ticket, the excitement in the room until the release in music!

Take cooking classes

Whether places to visit in jaipur, Jodhpur, or Udaipur, the important thing is to know the right address! First of all, get to know the spices and how to use them and discover all the secrets of masala, curries, chutneys, pastries, etc.

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