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Things to Keep in Mind before buying a Cable TV Bundle

There are several reasons you need cable TV, internet, and phone.  These reasons  have now become the collective necessity of the modern world. Times are advancing and these three services have functionally advanced as well. We know it’s hard to live without these services that bring your family and friends together. You also need these services to run a business because no business can run as effectively without a good internet and phone service. Whether you need to call your friends or family or if you need to contact a customer who lives across the world, you depend on internet and phone service.

On the other hand, cable TV is a different kind of service. While it may not be as useful for a business as internet and phone it has its own benefits. A television has been a friend, an entertainer, a teacher, and a lot other things to people who have regularly subscribed to it. And interestingly, it is still the same. Cable TV can include more than 250 channels and is another way to connect you to outside world. Through it, you can learn about trends, growing industries, weather changes, scientific discoveries, and sports updates.

Now that we know the importance of TV, internet and home phone services we can get on to the main point of the article: the things we need to keep in mind before paying for these services.

Before you subscribe to any of the services, ask yourself these questions to make an informed decision.

  • Should I get a single service, a double-play or triple-play bundle?

There has been a lot of research on this question and the data proves that bundles are always better than buying separate services. The reason is simple, bundle deals are cost-effective. You save cash and find better deals when you bundle. Plus, it’s more convenient. How? Buying three services from a single provider cuts down the time you spend with separate providers. For example, if you run into an issue with any of your services, then one call can take care of your problem. You’ll avoid a lot of confusion.

 But if you’re using separate services, there is a chance that you’ll spend endless hours on the phone. It will cost you time and money, and you still may not be able to get the issue fixed in a timely manner. You will have three different providers, which means three different people to deal with in order to get your problem sorted. It can be managed but it’s an unnecessary struggle.

  • When should you not choose a bundle deal?

There are instances when you don’t need a bundle deal to meet your needs. Sometimes, your needs are limited. For example, if you just need home phone service and you can’t find a good bundle deal, then you should just opt for the phone service.

Generally though, it’s more economical to get a bundle deal, especially if you’re moving. With bundle offers, you can get over 250 channels, digital home phone service with advanced features, and high-speed internet with unlimited data. Now comes the question of how much of the service you need. Most providers have several bundle offers which you can research to find the one that best suits your needs. For example, Time Warner Cable have several bundle deals to choose from. You just have to make sure the provider services your area. The Time Warner Cable Internet even provides high-speed internet in areas that are generally undeserved and deemed too rural. According to a recent survey, if you bundle TV and internet then your average savings will be $7.50 per month. But if you buy TV service separately then you will be paying $14.93 per month on average. If you bundle them together and split the savings equally between internet and TV service, it may go up to about $8 per month.

It also depends how much you want of both. In the case where you only need TV, as discussed above, you should go for a service that charges no more than $5 per channel. However, in most bundle offers, the cost of a single channels goes down to about $0.24 per channel. The question is, do you watch every channel that comes in the bundle offer? If you’re selective, go for the separate deals. If not, you know what you have to do.

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Written by Lisa Morrisom

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