5 Things You Should Know Before Making A Reservation

Hotels may be squeaky clean, but they’re not always what they seem. Staying at a hotel that doesn’t meet your needs won’t make your stay enjoyable. It only contributes to your headaches and worries. Of course, the hotel staff won’t divulge their secrets on getting a discount or scoring a deal on their resto-bar. You have to figure these things out for yourself.

Also, you won’t know if you have the best room in the building. The concierge can be discreet about their room offers. You’ll have a better shot in having a comfortable yet elegant home interior with a condo than a hotel. To save yourself from the heartache and despair of picking the wrong hotel, here’s a list of things you should know before making a reservation.

1. Don’t believe the photos

The photos from hotel rooms are often edited. Most of the time, the staff prepares the room to make them pretty for pictures. They change the sheets, add flowers, or change the furniture included in the area. They also try different camera tricks. For one, some use fisheye lenses to capture a small room. The effect makes the room twice its size.

Other websites don’t show pictures of the hotel rooms at all. They feature nearby attractions and hotel amenities instead of showing the room. If you want to see what the rooms look like, you should check different travel review sites and booking websites. Users post candid photos of the rooms while explaining in detail their experience.

2. Identify the type of the room

Hotels have different types of rooms for their guests. These vary based on budget and the number of people who will stay. Before booking a room, you should pay attention to the price on their website. The cheapest rooms are often the standard ones. These rooms are also those that have the least appealing view.

If you want a room that faces the sea, then you should be prepared to shell out a bit more than the price on the website. Some hotels increase their rate for rooms that offer a better view or feature a large bathroom.

3. Find hotels using Google Maps

Before you settle in a hotel, you should first look it up on Google Maps. The app provides directions to nearby attractions. If you want to visit a lot of places at once, then you should check in a hotel in the center of the places you wish to visit.

Google Maps also offers Street View. You can learn about the hotel’s neighborhood and location using this feature. Street view can also help you gauge if the hotel fits the description on its website. The hotel might look nice in the pictures, but it is situated in a busy neighborhood. You should get a hotel that’s far from the main road if you want peace.

4. Read the fine print

If you already booked a reservation, say two nights at Seda Hotel Nuvali, then you should look at the fine print. Don’t pay the reservation fee if you didn’t read what you’ll get when you book the rooms. First, you should check the cancellation policy. Some hotels charge extra fees when you cancel with the given time frame. It’s best to read their policy on cancellations so you won’t be surprised if they charge you for bailing out the last minute.

Some hotels also charge taxes. Often, online prices leave out VAT and other costs. You can read about these when you check the hotel’s policies. Lastly, you should check which amenities are available for use. Some hotels don’t have complimentary breakfast while others have, but it comes with a fee.

5. Sign up to websites to get a heads up on deals

Booking websites and travel sites buy rooms in a hotel. When they are stuck with empty rooms for a long time, they offer them in the market at low prices. Thus, you shouldn’t avoid those emails you receive. These sites regularly send out discount codes and coupons especially during low season, so people avail of their services. You should sign up to travel sites you think are the most reliable to ensure you get their special offers.

Hotels are easy to find. You can search online or follow your friends’ recommendations. However, it’s enough to find a hotel. You must be sure you choose the right one. These hotel secrets ensure you select a hotel that fits your needs and your budget. You won’t have to ask the concierge to get you to best view anymore when you practice them each time you travel.

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Written by Janice Jaramillo

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