International travel tips for senior citizen

Nothing should stop you from travelling. Not even old age. In fact, this should the time you explore the world with your partner. Without doubt, travelling when you are older is not going to be the same as before. There will be several physical limitations and health risks that need to be taken care of before you plan your trip. Let alone if you are travelling to not-so-safe place; you will be on the top of the lists for theft.

Nevertheless, not only that should be a hindrance in your travel plans. To make travelling easier and safer for older people, we have put together the following travel tips for them. Have a look, plan, get packing and leave:

  1. Get an insurance : Insurance is an important aspect of travel for all age groups. However, it becomes an essential element of your travel plan the older you grow. This is given to the fact the elderly people are more prone to injuries, sickness and even thefts and crimes. Yes, travel medical insurance can be quite an expense, however it is nothing compared to the costs involved if something wrong were to happen. Also, insurances that you need might differ from one place to another. For ex: Travel insurance Dubai might cover different policies than the one for Africa. Thus, look out for which best suits your needs when you pick one
  2. Be conscious of what you consume : Needless to say, older people have a more sensitive gut. The last thing you want while travelling is to fall sick. Your gut health plays an integral role in your overall health, and thus, you should be careful about what you are eating while travelling. Understandable that you want to let loose on your diet while travelling, however, ensure you do not go close to anything that you are allergic to or that your body cannot accept. Best bet would be to go for light, local and fresh foods.
  3. Keep your meds handy : As important as your passport and money are, so are your medicines. When we say “handy”, we literally mean carry them around with you everywhere. Not in your check-in baggage or in your hotel room table, but in your handbag. It is unlikely that you will find the exact brand of your meds in the country away from home, thus, always carry extra so you don’t have to go looking around.
  4. Lesser Valuables please! : The older you grow, the more likely you have saved enough and have more valuables with you. However, jewelry, watches, gadgets or anything expensive is only creating attention and making you a victim to robbery. Older people are easier targets for theft and you do not want to be victim to this. This is due to the fact that they are less steady on their feet, slower to react and not very aware of their surroundings. Thus, carry as less as valuables as you can.With these tips, you can enjoy a safe and fun international travel at any age. Keep them in mind and get going!

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