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A Perfect Visit to North Africa’s Public Hammams with Virikson Morocco

We all need a break from a hectic and stressful routine and massage is the best option to get relief. The public hammams in north Africa looks very traditional specially in Morocco but they are one of the best experiences of a journey. When I found the Public hammam while going through the list of things to do in Morocco were bit weird. All I have ever heard was about a conservative side of a country and then these public hammam were out of the context.

Anyways, as a queen of curiosity, I added it in the activities not to miss in any case.  I have been around the other north African countries as Libya and Egypt and baths were there (never tried any of it). But I knew that those countries have bit different lifestyle and can easily imagine the possibilities. Morocco’s culture has been more Islamic centred and obviously public hammam was a shock in that kind of a country.

Experience Beyond the Luxury

However, I felt excited and bit nervous at the moment but eventually end up booking at Hammam. But opposing to my fear, it was one of the most overwhelming experience.  Obviously, I was not used of these places and feared like a hell. The best part is that the staff was quite helpful and they somehow knew about the fear so, they asked me to relax and join others.

Apart from all the anxiety, it ends up really well, by the end I had many friends and was completely fresh. Even I didn’t know that I was too much stressed. I fall in love with the massage and it is far better and cheaper than in Europe. For the time being, I was in a different world, where there is nothing but laughter and smiles to share.  Here is a little guide to follow when visiting public hammams in north Africa.

Following are the things one should keep in mind/along while visiting:

  • Towel
  • Clean flip-flops
  • Soap
  • Bottled water
  • Mat (if you want to sit)
  • Ghassoul (it is a form of shampoo that is used for washing hair)
  • Learn some common Arabic phrase (You’ll find some locals and should know some basic phrases)

Unwind your thoughts and blow off the stress to enjoy the most relaxing moment of your life. These hammams are quite overwhelming for routine trapped people. No break can be effective so efficiently as a massage can do. It’s a bit wild treatment that can be very helpful at the time and help you to get away with new you.

Enjoy your journey in north Africa, Egypt, Libya and Morocco have much more to explore. All of them have a very enthralling history to learn but do try the Hammam at each place. After Morocco’s experience, I’m definitely going to try the other baths in north Africa’s countries. Exploring is the best

hobby to pursue anytime in future so, when curiosity takes all over, don’t be ashamed to dwell into but embrace it with open arms.

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Written by Sarah Marri

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