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Top 5 Exciting Outdoor Activities to Do Under the Miami Sun

Situated in the southeast of the Florida Peninsula, Miami is one of the most renowned US metropolitan areas. The amazing tropical climate of the city allows tourists to perform outdoor activities like hitting the South Beach or hiking in the Everglades at any time of the year. Continue reading to know about the top 5 most exciting outdoor actives that you can perform in Miami to make the most of your trip.

Visiting the Everglades

This 1.5 million acre of the sub-tropical jungle is also renowned as the most unusual US public park. During the Everglades safari, you can expect to spot the American Crocodile, the West Indian Manatee and the Florida Panther. In fact, this jungle is the home of the fourteen endangered species. Visitors of this National Park get the opportunity to walk through or performing a camp according to their preference. So, if you really enjoy the warm touch of nature then you must consider visiting in Everglades National Park during your trip.

Visiting the Parrot Jungle Island

If you are a fun loving person then you must visit this island. Especially if you are planning to visit Florida with your family then you must consider keeping Parrot Jungle Island in your travel list. Kids love to explore the island because it gives them the opportunity to spot multicolor parrots throughout the island. Due to this reason many schools and colleges host educational programs in the Parrot Jungle Island.

Hit Any Beach

If you are a beach lover then Miami can be your best travel destination. The beaches of Miami offer amazing opportunities to do some great stuff under the bright blue sky. From water sports to swimming and beachside walk to sunbathe, you can do anything in the Miami’s beaches that suit your interest. So you should also hit the different beaches in Miami to make the most of your tour.

Taking a Drive in the City

If you crave for adventure then you might also prefer to take a no-destination driving in the city. This type of gateway will enable you to discover the raw culture of Miami. During the city drive, you can try spotting the Art Deco District, Bayfront Park, American Airlines Arena, and Freedom Tower etc.

However, it is always suggested to keep the traffic rules in mind when driving the car. It will help you to avoid accidents. But still, if something bad happens to you then you should immediately contact a car accident lawyers in Miami Gardens or in the other places according to preference. They will help you to deal with the legal issues. If you do not feel comfortable behind the steering in an unknown place then it will be better to hire a licensed driver for the city escape.

Visit the Zoo Miami

This is one of the best zoos in the country. You can consider visiting this zoo to see a variety of Asian, African and Australian animals. It will bring an educational opportunity to your kids to learn about different type of animals.

So these are the 5 most exciting outdoor activities that you should do under the Miami sun to make the most of your trip.

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Written by Simon Hopes

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