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Want to become a Professional Wildflower Photographer? Always Remember these Tip

Wildflowers are the most popular subjects found in nature. From the wide-angle shots to close-up macro shots, every photography enthusiast is free to experiment. Not to mention, the different shapes and styles offer people to take unusual perspectives. As you get ready for a wildflower tour, you start making certain checklists in mind. How should you compose the photograph? What should be the perfect aperture measure? Or, should you go with low contrast? But would it not look good with high contrast? Also, can you pull off a blurred photograph? The endless list of questions might be bothering you at night.

For the very reason, the photographers advise on keeping three things right getting proper light, checking the background, and fixing the framing. Of course, filter type, depth of field, and double exposures should be on point. It goes without mention; it’s high time for you to go beyond the amateur field. So,grab your camera and remember the following tips to improve your skills of wildflower photography.

War between Telephoto & Macro Lens

What’s flower photography without carrying a macro lens? Without requiring an intense depth of field, you can take nice shots of flat flowers. You may focus with a 100mm lens but a 50mm macro lens works, too. Keep in mind, the 100mm lens would offer more reach than a simple 50mm lens. So, getting a blurred backdrop is possible when you have a long focal length. In this context, a telephoto lens is a good choice. You can work with 70-200mm or 70-300mm lens but an additional 300mm lens may be needed. A telephoto lens works with a limited focusing distance.

Keeping the Abstract Elements Alive

How can you not be overwhelmed by the gorgeous field of flowers? The abundance of wildflower enables countless opportunities to photograph the raw side of nature. However, why not opt for little experimentation till you have time? So, thinking of an abstract composition would not hurt anyone. In order to start the task, take a long look at the vegetation and flower patterns. Then look for the various textures and layers to insert a unique perspective. Also, don’t forget to take the curves, patterns, and leading lines into account. If you can find the complementary patterns or colors nearby, the composition will find a new meaning.

Be Careful with the Exposure Level

Keeping the exposure on point may be the hardest aspect of photography. It heavily influences the color contrast and the rest of the photograph. However, digital photography saves the amateurs from the struggle. Here, histogram owes the credit. Now getting to business; you should keep the ISO level high while using the fast shutter speed. The histogram will fix the exposure issue and it can show you when the image is overexposed. Of course, the same goes for underexposed photographs as well.

Choosing the Right Flowers to Capture

Many amateur photographers make the mistake of trying out the same composition with different angles. Take a moment and think that your main subject is flowers. When you are out on China Botanical Tours, the flowers should be in the center of your composition. So, ask yourself whether you wish to shoot from one side or keep several flowers in the frame. When you wish to shoot from a side, you can lower the camera to the ground. At this time, maintain a distant background. If there is a long distance between your background and the flower, the background will be out of focus.

So, books your tickets for garden tours and blow your mind and senses with the wonderful flowers.

Author bio: Angie Lee, a travel blogger with many quality articles, has written an article on how to take photographs during China Botanical Tours. Here, she mentions 4 essential tips to follow for enhancing your knowledge of wildflower photography.

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