10 White Hat Link Building Techniques For 2019

If the internet is a conglomeration of all the knowledge that exists on the internet, then link-building is the underlying structure that develops these connections. Online information exists in clusters that are connected through shrewd link building, which helps make the internet more coherent. Bit-by-bit, if you’re following the right link building strategies, you can help fill the gaps in information by creating content and linking it to existing pieces of information on the internet.

This exercise is known as white-hat link building, which is commonly used to improve search engine rankings and also contributes to the informative value of the internet as a whole. Distinguished from black hat link building that makes the use of repetitive, spam-based linking; white hat link building is dedicated to informing the user, rather than obnoxiously trying to show up on search engines.

As such, all businesses currently working through or in relation to the internet are part of contributing to existing online knowledge and also enhancing the informative capacity of the web. If you follow white-hat link building strategies, you’re much more likely to be ranked higher on search engine results simply because you’ve contributed productively to the internet. When you combine this contribution with commercial interests; you unlock the potential to improve your marketing outcomes beyond anything that you’ve ever seen

It will also let you plug into the information streams accessed by the internet user and in turn gives you access to your relevant consumer markets and improve your business potentials. As such, through white hat link building, you contribute to the internet and the internet gives back. There can be no better way of improving your search engine rankings.

As an SEO services provider or as a business trying to improve their search engine rankings, your link building methodology should always comply with white hat SEO standards. As time progresses, all search engines are consistently improving their algorithms to ensure that any links that are created add value to the information base of the internet as a whole. When tied with your commercial interests, it becomes essential that you follow these protocols or risk being relegated to the bottom of any search engines listing.

As such, some white-hat link building techniques you can try out include:

Use Reliable and Official Sources for Back Linking

Considering how white-hat link building involves informing the user, you can never go wrong with linking to factual sources. These include websites and existing contents originating from government websites, research journals, educational institutions and worldwide recognized organizations.  The internet is full of websites that derive their content through thorough research and therefore are much more reliable.

Linking back to these sources adds educational value to your content and will also help you establish continuity with existing knowledge and the one you have offered. If you can derive marketing value from reliable data, the sensibility of the service you provide becomes much more apparent. Your potential customers/users will view you in a better light and you can get better search engine rankings because you will be linked to high volume traffic websites that people visit to learn.

Prioritize Your Audience over Keywords

Many organizations fail to realize the centrality of the consumer when they’re looking up keywords. All keywords are a reflection of consumer behavior, just because they are popular doesn’t mean they are the only access to better rankings. Don’t limit yourself to existing keywords; go directly to the source and see if everyone else has missed something to find keywords that no one thought of but all of your clients use.

Work With Influencers

Many times, influencers are the only source of information for products and services relevant to your markets or the content that you’re using on your website. These people are nodes of information that keep your consumers updated on any new developments in your industries. With influencers advocating your websites, your search engine rankings can go really high since they’ve been marked as worthwhile sources of information by a reliable authority on the subject.

Hone in On Your Niche

Although it helps to present information to your clients such as statistics or key concepts; these have to be tied into your specific niche. So while orthopedic trauma figures are relevant to a medical imaging equipment producer, statistics on how medical imaging equipment has improved healthcare are much more relevant pieces of information to quote.

You should identify websites or bits on online information relevant to your niche and link back to these. This contextualizes your content to induce relevant people to come to your website who can then spur on the traffic you get as well as improve your SEO rankings.

Try to Develop Partnerships

If you can find websites which can complement your content or services, it is helpful to form partnerships and share each other’s content on your sites. In such partnerships, both parties can stand to gain a lot in terms of your search engine rankings and exposure to the relevant user/client base.

Broken Link Building

Many websites have linked back to web pages that have changed URLs and don’t lead to any article that might add informative value to the content.  Go through websites that lie within your niche and inform them of any broken links that refer to your websites, to offer them your webpage as a replacement.  These owners will probably jump at the opportunity to fill in this gap and your websites/content will have been made part of the content on a high volume website.

404 Reclamations

Much like broken link building, 404 reclamations are directed towards back links that lead to pages that have changed URLs. So when someone tries to visit the link, they arrive at a 404 Error page. If you can identify websites that lie in your niche and are linked to pages that don’t exist anymore; you can present your pages as an alternative.

Get Listed In Local Directories

Websites like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to present your services as a business for the users of these communities. These websites also list you by the region you’re working in so that anyone in your closest vicinity can find you. So if someone was to look for a roofer in Edmonton, your roofing services would be listed somewhere near the top.

Create Infographics and Engaging Content

Microsoft recently found that the average attention span of the user decreases by 88 percent every year. This means that people will pay less attention to the content on your website than they did maybe 5 years ago. You will need to switch up the content that you’re putting on the website by making it easier to comprehend.

Guest Post Submissions

Volunteer to write a few blogs for websites that might be speaking to your relevant user circles. You can then use these posts to refer to your websites and services. Linking the blogs you write to your own content will allow readers the opportunity to go to your website.

In Conclusion

Always remember, whether you’re link-building for commercial purposes or just to drive more traffic to your website, you’re basically attempting to become a much more relevant source of information. This may involve the use of the right keywords, but smart link-building is the best way to achieve this purpose. It’s all about the intent; the presentation of information and where it can be found should always be carefully considered when developing a website or working on generating traffic. As such, white hat link building is your best shot to achieving this.  If you’re looking for an SEO service for your business or if you’re looking to provide link building services to your clients, following white hat link building protocols should always be your priority. With the increasing complexity of Google algorithms, gone are the days when you could create spam based SEO strategies and hope for them to succeed.

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