4 Ways Drug Crime Lawyers in Cobb County Can Help You Win a Case

The present battle about the use and possession of drugs have brought several cases to the forefront. While the laws about legalising marijuana have become stricter in a few states, the rest term it as lenient. Therefore, it is important to have a drug crime defence attorney by your side when you are charged with a case of possessing drugs. Many people are arrested every year for drug possession charges and some of these cases are related to small substances that are found in vehicles or on person. However, there are a large number of criminal court dockets at every state resulting in routine drug possession charges. How to fight these cases?

Things to Know About Drug Crime Cases

Although the defence of the person who is charged with drug possession is challenging, it is not impossible. For instance, a commonly used tactic in this case is to cite that the public employees are overworked. The prosecutors handling hundreds of cases every month have the lowest priority for the drug possession charges. For instance, if you can handle the case with the same intensity as a first degree murder case through a multitude of depositions, requests for documents along with other procedural work through which you can cut down the strategies of the prosecutors. Eventually, the charges against the defendant can be dropped or the judge can reduce the jail sentence after the plea agreement. In majority of states, when the prosecutor fails to provide the materials needed during the trial, seeking the dismissal becomes easy for the defence attorney.

How to seek help from the Drug Crime Lawyers In Cobb County?

1. Understand the law

The laws surrounding the drugs are going to change and they are also going to differ from state to state. It has already been mentioned before that use of marijuana may be legal in certain states and may not be in the rest. Similarly, the penalties are also going to vary, so one state can send you to jail while the other may leave you with small fine. In some of the other states, you could be in prison for a pretty long period of time. It is here that a good defence attorney can take you through the case and let you understand the laws and penalties that are applicable in your state or country so that you know how to go ahead with it and the best way to position your case.

2. Working for you

When you hire a good defence lawyer to handle your case, you are going to get all the benefits related to your case. Quite naturally, they are going to have your best interest in mind and utilise all the resources at their end to make the outcome in your favour. Apart from this, they have thorough understanding of the laws and know how the prosecution functions in such cases. They are ware that the drug possession charges are not of high priority when compared with the rest of the cases and a good defence lawyer is going to use it to their advantage to work out a favourable deal.

3. Legitimacy of the case

When you face a drug possession charge, you must be aware that the substance you possess is not legal, but there are several ways in which the charge framed against you may not be legitimate. For instance, when drugs are found in your apartment and you have no prior knowledge of it, the defence attorney is going to arrange the case in your favour to prove in front of the judge. The defence lawyer is going to find out whether the drugs have been obtained through legal search or through the process of seizure. No matter what the nature of the case may be, the defence attorney is going to make the best efforts to ensure the legitimacy of drug possession.

4. Enjoy peace of mind

The drug crime attorneys can make things work as the possession of drug can result in a lot of stress. From the court dates, paper documents, legal terminologies, and the tactics of the prosecution, you have to deal with several issues when you are charged with possession of drugs. They are your best guide helping you to work out through the process so that you can get the best outcome.

Challenging the issue of illegal search and seizure

One of the best tactics for winning a case of drug possession is the evidence discovered by the police. If the defence attorney proves that the search is illegal, the issue is not admitted in the court. The attorney is the best person to understand all the issues such as the search warrants and the cause or consent related to it and how the details are going to affect your case. It is not a criminal offence to stay in close proximity to the drugs or when it is discovered in your house or apartment. The drug crime attorney also ensures that you are not a victim when someone else is in possession of drugs.

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