Top 5 things to do in Legian Beach 2020

If you are looking forward to a vacation where you can have some fun under the sun, dive in the turquoise blue waters, build sandcastles or just relax, Legian beach which lies on the western coast of Bali will prove to the perfect getaway for you.

Those fond of beach partying, some fun drinking games or dancing on peppy beats, must get ready to be captivated by the trippy vibe and charm of this amazing place. Legian beach is also the perfect way to experience the true essence of the Bali nightlife.

The place is packed with several extravagant clubs which are famous for providing their guests to have the best time of their life. If you seriously want to try surfing then the best time for you to visit the place would be between April to August as it is a dry season and the westerly winds result in favorable swells. Moreover, during this time the water here is also temperate and devoid of flotsam.

Once you would visit the Legian beach,you can see plenty of beachfront kiosks selling cold drinks, a number of parasols shaded sun loungers, roaming beach masseuses and peddlers who are selling knick-knacks all day.

If you are a peace lover who needs some calm in life, then strolling around the famous Sanur Beach is surely going to soothe down your nerves and will prove to be an exceptional experience.

With so many fun activities to try, are you wondering which are the best things to do in Legian beach 2020? If yes, then don’t worry because we have filtered out the best things out of the lot for you. Have a look!

1. Great shopping variety

 If you are a shopaholic, then do not miss shopping at Legian beach for anything. As much as the beach is famous for its parties and surfing, the shopping variety you get here is something out of the world. The boardwalk of Legian beach is flooded with small art shops which are pretty to explore and shop at.

Though most of the Legian’s main shopping venues are place a bit away from the coastline these small art shops are going to give company to the shopaholic hidden inside you where you are here.

Some other famous shopping and designated walking streets would definitely include the two Poppies Lanes, Jalan Werkudara or the Garlic Lane Shopping Street, Jalan Legian and also the Metanadi Art Market which is there on Jalan Melasti. So, if you get tired of lying down on the beach, now you know what else you can do!

2. Multiple Dining and Nightlife Hotspots

 Legian also boasts of housing a number of luxurious dining as well as nightlife hotspots, thus taking care of all your needs and comfort. Even if you are on a tight budget, there is nothing to be embarrassed about because Legian has many choices of locally run beach bars right on the sandy beach for you.

As far as the north direction is concerned, you can also find Double six Beach, also known as Blue Ocean beach which is a 500 meter stretch of sandy land packed with gorgeous restaurants which offer colorful beanbags for the seating on the sand.

This will prove to be an exceptional experience for you. Other than that, Legian is also home to some of Bali’s most popular luxury resorts too which come along with beach clubs and several luxurious amenities, thus giving you quieter coasts, uninterrupted views of dramatic sunset and rolling surf.

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3. Surfing and swimming

 If you are going to Legian Beach and you don’t try swimming or surfing even once, then your vacation would surely be left incomplete. Surfing is like a trademark activity which is practice here at Legian.

Before you go to the swells close to Padma Resort, you must know that they occasionally experience strong undercurrents, especially in the months from June to October, so you should mostly avoid it during this time. However, you can also find Balawista lifeguard posts along the beach, usually in front of the Double Six Beach and Jayakarta Hotel.

It is important for you to know that when here are red and yellow flags around the sea, it is a sign meaning that it is safe for swimming or surfing but when there are solid red-colored flags it is to give you the warning to be aware of the dangerous undercurrents.

4. Beach Massages

 When you go to a beach, sunbathing, swimming and building sandcastles are some activities which come down as obvious. But if you are tired and want to get rid of some stress from your body or just want to relax a bit, then getting a beach massage at this gorgeous beach is going to be highly beneficial for you.

Moreover, the best part is that here these massages are provided at very much affordable prices but just make sure to fix a price before you begin with the massage just to be precautious of getting looted. However, if you seriously enjoy the experience then giving a small tip is also acceptable and natural.

5. Enjoy the games

 Once the sun goes down, it is time for the nightlife as well as parties to spring up to life. You can see a number of beach parties happening around and the bars were crowded with a flock of people.

However, if you want to let loose and be a bit carefree, then make sure to be there for some impromptu beach soccer or volley tournament with the locals. When has a playful match been hurtful? You can even enjoy some contemporary games like zorbing and bubble sumo.

With every visit to Legian Beach, you can expect a very different set of activities to indulge in. So, wait no more and book one of the Bali local tour packages from India to have some serious fun this vacation.

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