5 incredible reuses of premium boxes

The premium boxes are the most popular packaging solutions of the modern age. They are liked by the consumers, retailers, and product manufacturers alike for a number of reasons. The choice of personalized size, shape, design, and manufacturing material are some of the numerous reasons that make these cartons the most favorite of everyone. But that is not all about such cartons as there are several other reasons that make them valuable. Recycling, reducing, and reusing of these cartons are included in these benefits as well. The following are the five methods of reusing these containers in the most incredible way. If you are one of those people who come across cardboard made cartons a lot and want to learn how you can get benefit from them, the following article will be of high assistance to you.

1. Storage of sharp items

There must be a lot of items in your house that you want to be kept away from your kids in order to keep them safe and unharmed. Usually, these items include tools, cutlery, knitting needles, scissors, and other items of sharp nature. The boxes made out of corrugated cardboard stock can be the best storage for such items. Putting such items in a carton that is made out of corrugated stock will not only keep the items out of the reach of kids but also keep them safe from environmental hazards such as rust, dust, and moisture. The thick and resilient walls of corrugated stock make sure that the sharp items do not get exposed to kids and remain safe inside.

2. Christmas lights organizer

Christmas is up ahead, and one of the biggest issues is to keep the lights arranged. You can use the sheets of cardboard to make customized cartons to organize these lights without any hassle. You just need to mark an indication on an equal distance. Make the holes in the sheet at the marked points and adjust your lights in them. The lights will stay organized in a safe way. There is another use of a cardboard sheet for these lights. You can use it to keep the lights straighten out and avoid their tangling. Take a sheet of cardboard out of an old carton, wrap the lights around it, and the next time you are going to use them, you will not face any trouble.

3. Shoe rack

The shoe rack is another useful thing that you can make with these containers. Such rack is not only light in weight but also durable. Such a rack can easily be molded from one shape to another, shifted from one place to another, and personalized with colors, stickers, and tags. You can add or remove cartons to increase the capacity of the storage of such a rack.

4. Scratchpad for pets

It is not a secret that pets, especially cats, love to scratch cardboard sheets and boxes. Instead of getting every other carton scratched and wasted, you can make a scratching pad for your pet and personalize it in various ways. There are numerous ways you can make such a pad. You can cut long strips of cardboard and make a roll of them. Join the open ends of the strips using an adhesive material. Another way to make a pad is to join the sheets of corrugated cardboard stock using adhesive material. Whether strips or sheets, you can personalize the pad with colors, stickers, and little stuffed toys. It will make the pad more attractive for your pet.

5. Cables organizer

Living in a digital age, cables, cords, and connecting wires have inevitable importance in our lives. Keeping these cables in an organized manner is a hard task. But this hard task can be made simple and easy using the customized container. The custom boxes can be used to organize cables, wires, and cords. You might have more than one empty shoe box in your house. Take one box and use it as a base panel for your organizer. Take another box, open it in flat sheets, and cut strips out of it. Make sure that the width of the strip is according to the height of the carton you are using as the base panel. Transform the strips into a round or square shape and place them inside the base panel. Your cables organizer is ready. You can put the lid of the shoe box to keep the cables secure. You can also embellish the organizer by using colors, wrapping paper, and tinted vinyl sheet. It will not only enhance the safety and durability of the carton but also make it more eye-catching.


 There are several ways that these cartons can be used. The above-mentioned five reusing tips are the most beneficial of all. The only limit on the reuse of these cartons is your imagination only. You can make many incredible and useful items with them. Since these customized containers are manufactured with cardboard or corrugated cardboard stock, they are perfectly safe for reusing purposes. But if you are not ready to reuse them, you can put them into a recycle bin where they can be consumed for various purposes.

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