All You Need to Know about Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure

Well, it is no secret that there are some excellent Dubai tourist attractions on offer for the whole family to enjoy. One of the entertainment areas that Dubai is very strong with are its theme parks, they have some excellent ones which cater to all different tastes. In this article, we are going to look at the fabulous Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure. This is one of the excellent Dubai tourist attractions to choose especially if you are after some water-based fun. It is one of the biggest waterparks in the Middle East and was awarded ‘Best Waterpark in the Middle East 2015’ title on TripAdvisor.

A place to Visit in Dubai:

Something good about this park is that there are a good balance of rides and other attractions for all ages, so it does make it a great family-based adventure location! You can take a trip down a corkscrew chute, go through shark tunnels or brave the very steep Poseidon’s Revenge. This particular Dubai Atlantis aquaventure waterpark has a trapdoor that opens beneath your feet, sending you 75 feet downwards before rocketing you into a double loop! Great for thrill-seekers.

Speaking of rides for thrill-seekers, if it is the speed you are after then you will want to check out the Tower of Neptune tunnels. This area has the Leap of Faith which involves being hurtled down a 90-foot space into a shark lagoon. You can also take a twisty journey down the serpentine Aquaconda or plunge the Zoomerando and a multi-tracked Slitherine not to mention ride the Shark Tunnel, which is shark-infested, and the journey takes place on a raft.

 But there are also more gentle rides along lazy rivers and the kids can have their own space at the recently added Splasher’s Island area, as parents watch and relax why they have fun tailored to their age groups. At Splasher’s there are smaller versions of the bigger splash rides and slides, but still plenty of fun!

When you have had enough of the rides there is also The Lost Chambers, which is an Atlantis themed aquarium. It contains a breathtaking 65,000 marine animals across its 21 exhibits. A real Atlantis aqua venture Dubai feeling is created here as you get to explore underwater tanks and tunnels. Some of the animals you can meet here include seahorses, rainbow-coloured fish, rays and even baby alligators.

After all that excitement, you may find you want to spend a little bit of time to relax. The perfect place to do this would be on the lovely sandy beach. You can even hire a VIP beach cabana. Not only that, if you find you are starting to get hungry, there are several different restaurants to choose from located within the area of the park.

This is one of the most enjoyable Dubai tourist attractions if you are into your theme parks and it does come highly recommended. As for prices, it is a good idea to follow the parks official website not only for relevant information on ticket costs but also to discover any deals they may do from time to time. In addition to this, you can purchase a package tour to the park which may work out better value for you, so have a good look into that option too.

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