5 Major Benefits of Slate Roofing For Your Business Building

If you’re working on a new roof for your business building, you probably have a lot of variations to choose from. One of the many options that are presented is slate roofing. What makes slate roofing so special and why should you consider it for your building? Is it really as good as it’s being propped up to be? The truth is that this material has a wide variety of benefits that seem to make it worth the initial investment. Take a look at the arguments in favour of slate roofing.

 It lasts longer

As tough as they might look, roofs only last so long before they start to erode and fall apart. Most roofs will last you a good twenty to twenty-five years before you need to completely replace it. This mostly applies to lead and asphalt roofs, which are pretty much the norm.

Slate roofing beats out other materials in longevity by a longshot. In fact, it can last upwards to a hundred and fifty years after being installed properly. Once you’ve installed a slate roof, you’re pretty much set for life. The roof will outlast an entire generation without showing any signs of significant damage.

 Fire resistance

When designing a building, you have to look at how it would fare under the worst-case scenario. Fires are universally considered a terrifying concept in buildings, which is why it’s important to take steps and measures that will minimize the potential for a fire to start or spread.

When it comes to fire resistance, you can be sure that slate is up there with the best materials that you can use to make a roof. The tiles are completely fireproof and this gives ample protection from the spread of fires.


Roofs generally aren’t made with eco-friendly materials. They are expected to last a long time and they need to be efficient, which is why there are very few green compromises for roofing materials. However, there are thousands of homes and buildings that need to replace their roof every year and the numbers add up. If you want your business to show some eco-friendly initiative, slate might be the way to go.

Slate roofing is only replaced every century or so, which is why it’s considered a pretty eco-friendly option. Throw in the fact that many of the tiles can be repurposed and you have the perfect recipe for an eco-friendly roof.


When you’re installing a new roof, you have to look at its energy efficiency. Roofs are here to protect you from the outside elements, but they also have to keep in the desirable ambient temperatures that you set. When winter rolls around, you don’t want your heating bill to skyrocket because your roof is inefficient. It’s an expense your business can go without.

When properly installed, slate roofing is undefeated in terms of insulation. “Proper installation” is the key term to take away from this. Make sure that you employ experts that specialize in slate such as MLR Slate Roofing to work on the roof in order to get satisfactory results. When you consider the savings from air conditioning and heating during the winter, a slate roof investment practically pays for itself.

 It looks attractive

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but appearances are important in business. You want to show your clients and business partners that you mean business, which is why aesthetics need to be accounted for.

One of the big benefits of slate roofing is that it’s as attractive as it is practical. If you want to give your building a classy look, this is the material for you. The inherent classiness of slate roofing isn’t the only aesthetic benefit. You have a lot of different tiles to choose from. If you want different colours or shapes, you don’t have to compromise. The tiles vary in both size and thickness, which means that you can have as much variation as you wish when it comes to your roof design.


If you’re looking to make a significant investment into your building’s roof, you should seriously consider slate as an option. Sure, it may be more on the expensive side of things, but the dilemma shouldn’t be related to the initial investment, but rather the payoff that your business receives from it in the long run. If your new roof is going to pay for itself, you can be sure that it’s worth the investment to install.

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