7 Tips for delivering effective PPT presentations – Checklist

You can be an employee in a company, the founder of a business, a teacher, a student or a startup. No matter what you do, you need effective presentation skills to showcase ideas to your colleagues, the management, clients and investors. Let’s learn a few skills that will help you deliver effective PPT presentations to help you look forward to the idea giving one instead of fearing the thought of it. You can also hire a ppt design agency for this purpose as there are many who can do your work in no time.

How to Deliver Effective PPT Presentations

Your audience 

Your first focus should be your audience. Tailor your presentation according to your listeners so you can hold on to their attention and keep them engaged. What do you want them to feel, think and act upon? Think of a strategy to achieve this.

Keep it simple

Be as concise and clear as possible and also keep your slides minimal and simple. Your listeners come to listen and not to read. If you have a large amount of text on the slides your listeners will not able to concentrate on what you’re saying. Try using imagery to supplement your work instead of using plain text.

Be emotive 

When you’re passionate about the presentation and showcase emotions, your audience will sense your involvement and this will make the presentation more reliable and personal for them.

It’s all about practice

Most presentation design agencies coach presenters because there is nothing worse than forgetting a topic in the middle of the presentation. Start by practising what you have to say in your presentation in front of the mirror then front of your family members. Ask them for their feedback so you can improve further and practice.

Body language

Your body language needs to be open, inviting and needs to showcase your confidence. When you’re confident, it shows that you believe in whatever you’re saying thus prompting the audience to believe in it as well. Keep your hands open and palms facing towards the audience at all times. This will help the audience connect with you at a deeper level.

Eye contact 

When you make eye contact and smile at the audience, it showcases your friendly nature and also builds a rapport. This further gives them the confidence to ask you questions and answer your questions. Eye contact is also important to help you concentrate because you will feel like you’re talking to individuals instead of an audience you don’t know, which can be overwhelming. So make sure to do it either by yourself or hire a ppt design agency for this purpose.

The checklist to designing a solid PPT presentation

For most people working at a corporate office, knowing what to present is a lot easier than knowing how to present it. Years of management and entrepreneurial education teach us the subject matter but how does one showcase that in a design-centric PPT presentation? Let’s see how you can showcase your well-prepared script in a solid PPT presentation.


This is the kick-off point. A template contains the theme colours, layouts, effects, fonts, background style and content. A template is extremely important for presenting a consistent and clear style in all the slides so your presentation shines. If you have a corporate presentation template then you must follow that. Or else, design your template on a master slide. Once that’s done, you can concentrate on the content bit.

Style guide 

Every company has a style guide which it follows. This is the most important bit of the presentation because a style guide defines the brand. Along with that it also helps your audience to connect with you and your company. Allow your slides to talk about your brand.


Design the layout for your slides in a proper template. Getting the right layout in each slide is a must to make your presentation look professional and clean. The layout of your content and design elements must be consistent throughout the presentation. Along with this, the graphics and content must be laid out in a consistent yet balanced manner.


When it comes to a good presentation, it is all about consistency. The flow of one slide merging into another should be connective, not disjunct. Colours, typeface, layout and style should be in line with each other for a neat look and feel. You must always remember this rule.


Make sure you always use your company’s colour palette effectively. Don’t overdo it. The effective use of company colours does not only visually enhance your slides but also helps to communicate your message effectively to your audience. The best way to save time is to set up the right colours on your template design itself.


Choosing the right typeface gives any presentation a professional edge and brings up your brand value. You need the right font family and typeface to make your presentation readable on-screen. When you set this up in the master slide, you make it very easy to follow through.

To conclude

A simple, well-formatted and consistent presentation can speak for itself. It exudes brand value and communicates with the audience.

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