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Can I repair my own plumbing system?

Alas, this was the topic of choice for our last family dinner in London. After two hours of long drive and a weekend with the most boring people in the world [ my cousins], I had to sit there quietly when one of my cousins boasted to repair the heating and cooling system without any professional help.

TBH, I found his claims unrealistic and funny. A boiler is a complex machine that has dangerous parts and one small miscalculation can lead to fatal injuries. Well, my opinions would not have mattered in the heated debate so I decided to stay quiet and enjoy the tasty apple pie. The long night passed and I woke up with squeaky sounds. [I found a quiet place in the basement as all the rooms were filled with people whom I do not want to stay with].

I woke up and saw my cousin, the same one who was bragging about being the world’s best DIY guy with some tools working on the boiler. Upon inquiring, he told that the boiler is not working and everybody is waiting for the boiler to become operational so that they can have a bath. I asked him to procure the services of a company who masters in boiler repair in east London but was adamant that he wanted to complete the repair on his own.

After 10 minutes of squeaking sounds, I decided to go up to find a peaceful place to sleep. As I was climbing the stairs, I heard a loud sound and that was the end of the repair process and possibly the demise of the entire plumbing system. Now, the boiler started leaking water and to avoid it filling up the basement, we had to switch off the main water supply.

I decided to take matters into my own hand and called east London heating and boiler engineers. Well, this is how I call them because of their perfection and attention to detail. Well, as always Andrew came rushing to the rescue and started the repairs on the boiler.

I asked him the flaw in the system and he told me that someone had pulled the pressure plugs causing the boiler to choke up and completely dismantle. I looked at my cousin with anguish who was previously working on the boiler. Andrew told me that there a small issue with the combustion chamber but now he would have to change the entire heat exchanger.

A 100-pound fix was not worth 600 pounds. An additional 500 pounds only because my cousin was adamant about saving the lousy 100 and doing the repairs himself. What done is done, right! Andrew changed the heat exchanger and shook our hands and was ready to go on its way. This is where I offered him tea and he gladly accepted.

He told us to wait for an hour before starting the boiler again. This was the time to get my cousin to understand the importance of professional help and I utilized the moment well. I started conversing with Andrew regarding the boiler issues that he usually sees. He said that latest boilers are laced with modern technology and ask for fewer repairs. The conventional ones, on the other hand, need excessive repairs and parts are difficult to find. He gave us some useful tips to increase the life and efficiency of the boilers as well.

 In the evening, on the dinner table, I deliberately asked the cousin about the DIY work he did today. We all laughed looking at the pale face of the cousin who lost a chunk of money due to his DIY obsession. He agrees that whether it’s a new boiler installation in East London or a small repair, he would only call upon the boiler repair technician from a reputable company.

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Written by Jessica Poul

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