Coworking spaces in Bangalore: The Factors To Look Out For

Bangalore, often termed as the Silicon Valley of India has emerged as the top choice for entrepreneurs to set up their business. Many of India’s most successful brands – such as Flipkart and Redbus have their headquarters in Bangalore. Naturally, it becomes one of the most sought-after locations because of the opportunities it provides.

coworking space bangalore

Finding an office space in Bangalore, however, is not an easy task. Especially for a company that has just started out or falls into the category of small and medium businesses. With rising demand comes a high price, which not every entrepreneur can afford. Not surprisingly then, with a rise in business culture, there has also been a rise in the concept of coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces in Bangalore are like a boon for businesses as well as freelancers, due to their immense flexibility and benefits such as a reduction in cost, amenities like Wi-fi, and several other perks. They provide the professionalism of the traditional office spaces, as well as the community aspect of modern work culture. Not only for tech-oriented companies, but companies in other sectors such as manufacturing, banking, and insurance are also now opting for coworking spaces to attract millennial talent and present themselves as a progressive workplace.

With many options available, everyone looking for a coworking space should consider and compare some factors before finally deciding one. Here we discuss 5 such factors.

#1 – Networking

Bangalore houses arguably the most dynamic talent in the country. No wonder that Bangalore is the perfect place to create a large business network. Imagine being surrounded by some of the country’s best minds and the opportunity to interact with them. Coworking spaces are the Mecca for this very purpose. Ideally, any space you choose should provide opportunities for networking and collaborations between different teams. This proves beneficial in the long term when businesses grow, and often choose each other for the services they require.

A coworking space should organize events such as mixers (informal gatherings to make people comfortable), seminars and sessions (informative sessions to learn something new) so that like-minded people can come together and share ideas and knowledge.

coworking spaces in Bangalore such as iKeva provide ample opportunities for people to interact. It hosts various events such as festivals and birthday celebrations, pop-up bakery, tech-a-thons so that members can communicate with each other as well as have a breather from work.

#2 – Location and Distance

The plights of traffic in Bangalore aren’t hidden from anyone. There are traffic jams stretching over several kilometers that don’t clear for hours. Officegoers face special issues in such cases because they need to reach office in time. Thus, while choosing a coworking space in Bangalore, one needs to be very sure that the place is easily accessible. It should have proper connectivity either through public or private transport. Ideally, it should be in a commercial area, not very far from the city, because nobody wants to spend half of their day commuting to and from work.


Along with employees, the coworking space should also be accessible to clients and customers, since they play an important role in the success of a business. It should also be well connected to other places such as medical facilities, restaurants, etc.

#3 – Amenities

The amenities that a coworking space provides is one of the most important factors. While tech businesses nowadays can largely function with just a desk and good Wi-Fi speeds, there are other factors that one should look for. A coworking space in Bangalore should also offer:

Reliable power backup,

Snacks and refreshments,

Meeting rooms,

Recreational facilities etc.

Even though companies opt for coworking spaces to cut costs, they shouldn’t try to cut corners in amenities because these are essential to a seamless work environment. They won’t have to bear the burden of managing those amenities though, it will be done by the coworking spaces.

They should also be unique in their services like providing virtual office, printing and concierge service, etc. In a few of the coworking spaces, teams also get unlimited access to gyms, doctor consultations, and health check-ups.

#4 – Expansion Potential

All organizations should believe that the business will continue and grow for a long time. So even while choosing a coworking space, the future of growth and expansion should always be on one’s mind. Always look out for ones that can accommodate any team, should it increase in size.

After that, the companies must also start needing cabin spaces and boardrooms. An ideal coworking space should be able to provide that as and when needed.

#5 – Infrastructure

Coworking spaces should be able to give a professional and world-class vibe. It should be able to provide all the infrastructure and services needed to run an office. Right from proper and comfortable furniture to conference and call rooms.

There should also be ample security and provisions such as CCTV so that the teams feel safe and secure.

#6 – Community Factor

The last, but arguably the most crucial offering of a coworking space is the community. The biggest advantage of a coworking space is the community that it houses, a group of like-minded people dedicated to achieving an aligned goal.

Coworking spaces in Bangalore should be able to provide you with a community that makes you feel at home. The positive vibes, collaboration, sharing of ideas makes a business great. One such workspace is iKeva, which not only in its coworking space in Bangalore but in its locations across the country boasts of its energetic and diverse community. It has teams from all sorts of backgrounds who share the same roof and grow together.

Although there are many options for coworking spaces in Bangalore, to be the best space for you they should be able to provide the best of the factors we just discussed. These are crucial to assisting any organization work productively without having to worry about trivial things.

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