Custom Cosmetic Packaging for Makeup Setting Sprays

Makeup setting sprays have become a popular cosmetic item that is being used by salons and individuals for retaining and refreshing the makeup look. Customers have a number of brand options available for these sprays. If you have already launched your spray or in the process of introducing one, make sure that your custom packaging is differentiating enough to get the product noticed. The makeup spray boxes should have a dazzling design with striking details and benefits of using the item. Even if you have invested a lot of effort in designing a unique product, without compelling packaging, you won’t be able to persuade potential buyers into checking out your setting sprays for makeup. If you have 2, 3 different kinds of sprays, packaging them distinctively is likely to help you with boosting sales and creating product affinity. Here are some insightful tips for customizing the Custom cosmetic boxes for makeup sprays!

 Attractive Custom Cosmetic Box Packaging

Whether you are selling the makeup spray in a bundled set or individually, the packaging artwork should be attractive. Based on the kind of consumer segments, have your design customized. If you have a reliable printing service provider, ask for design support. If you want to use your existing packaging layout for the makeup setting sprays, make necessary changes. Having new and interesting packaging artwork is likely to make your product worth checking out. You can use the glittery backdrop and funky font style on the packaging boxes to grab instant attention of the shoppers. Make sure to convey product idea through the design, it shouldn’t be confusing or irrelevant.

Enlightening Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Informational product packaging has the power to sway the buying decision of customers. Have important details like the formulation of the spray, weight, cautions, and instructions printed on the packaging to enlighten the shoppers. Don’t forget to have manufacturing and expiry dates of the product printed vividly on the boxes. The makeup sprays won’t have the desired effect if they are expired. This information should never be missing on your packaging. Other sought after details about your brand and product range should also be available on the packaging boxes. The more information you will share, the more credible you will be perceived by the potential buyers.

Highlight the Product Benefits Smartly on Cosmetic Boxes

Every brand uses claims, guarantees, and promises on the packaging to lure customers into buying their products. Instead of using conventional product promotional messages on the boxes, use an interactive tone with facts to share the benefits of using your makeup sprays. You can use celebrity and dermatologist endorsements on the cosmetic box for these sprays. This will convince the buyers that your product is safe and they are likely to make a purchase without feeling that you were being pushy with the marketing/advertising.

Be wary with the stock and customization preferences for your sprays. The product quality can be affected due to extreme temperature. If you have an online store, it is all the way more important to have sturdy packaging for your cosmetic items. Have a detailed analysis of printing materials’ features, pricing, and usage before selecting an option. You can have a look at sample packaging boxes to get an insight into the widely used material and trending finishing options.

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Written by Jennifer Alex

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