7 Myths About the 8 Month Sleep Regression Debunked

There are certain myths which you should learn about this sleep regression concept. Most of the babies pass through the phase of sleep regression when they are 8-10 months. Their sleeping routine gets affected in a negative way.

They eventually face disturbing sleeping patterns. To begin with, here we have explained to you the top 7 myths about the 8-month sleep regression. So, let us all check out that!

Myth 1- Sleep regression is not real

Most probably, you may have heard about this myth that sleep regression is not real. This is a fake myth. In fact, sleep regressions are actually real. This concept does exist. If someone accuses or blames you of being dramatic as a parent, then there is no need to give attention to such people.

Most certainly, your baby experience and face disturbed and inconsistent sleeping patterns as soon as he reaches to 8 to 0 months old age. So, whats’ the bottom line? Sleep regressions are real.

Myth 2- Sleep training prevent or avoid the regression

This is another fake and false myth. Most of the parents believe that sleep training your baby as soon as they hit 8 month old may help them to avoid and survive sleep regression.

Sleep training your baby does not put a full stop to this concept. During this age, your baby will always face this regression mode. Hence, sleep training does not fix this problem on permanent notes.

Myth 3- Co-sleeping may fix this problem

In addition to, it is believed by lots of parents that co-sleeping may fix this sleep regression problem.

This is a false saga and better not believe in it. Sleep regression is going to happen no matter you co-sleep with your baby or not. Hence, you cannot fix and survive a sleep regression by co-sleeping.

Myth 4- Sleep regression happens because parents disturb their child sleeping patterns

Most noteworthy, this is a common perception to be believed that a child face disturbed and uneven sleeping patterns because his patterns are the reason for it!

On the other hand, disturbed sleep patterns are completely normal and natural. Do not blame parents. They are not the one who trigger and activate this problem.

Myth 5- Sleep regression follows a specific schedule

Some of the parents assume that this problem follows a specific schedule. And upon following this schedule, parents can predict about the next regression and prevent it.

This myth is not true at all. That schedule is just guideline and you should not consider it has a Holy Grail. Moreover, sleeping patterns develop and occur at varied and different paces for every single child.

Some babies sit up, crawl, walk and talk at different ages. In the same way, disturbed sleeping patterns do not follow any hard-and-fast rules and can occur during any age of your baby.

Myth 6- Babies experience a regression with every development and growth milestone

However, this is not true. It is not necessary that your baby is going to hit and experience a regression with every development and growth milestone.

 This is now how this concept and mechanism works. In addition, every baby is different. And you cannot clearly know when he or she faces temporary disturbed sleeping patterns.

A few of the kids usually and generally miss typical sleep regression phases. And some of them hit every single phase of it.

Myth 7- Regressions last forever 

Lastly, you should not ever believe that regressions last forever. In fact, they just happen on a temporary basis or maybe for a couple of weeks.

You can even shorten this phase and span by using the right strategies and way. Or you say that regressions last for a few nights to a few weeks time frame.


However, if you are interested in learning more about the sleep regression myths and facts, then stay tuned with us. Moreover, share with us if your baby had ever experienced disturbed sleeping patterns.

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Written by Stacy Smith

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