Displays on Wheels: A Guide to Vehicle LED Advertising

You’ve probably noticed how vehicle LED advertising has steadily grown over the past few years. Some of the popularity can be attributed to the general shift from physical signage to digital signage. But LED advertising has its own set of incomparable benefits, which make it so appealing. And when on wheels, it gets ten times better.

Digital signage has become extremely advanced and is now based on wireless networks and can be integrated with other smart devices. This allows you to share and update the adverts in real-time. Moreover, modern digital signage even allows you to display complete videos.

And when you put this on a vehicle, you essentially increase its reach and effects exponentially. Moreover, some moving billboards can be integrated with geolocation technology which means that the display can automatically switch between adverts based on where the vehicle is.

Where Is Vehicle LED Advertising Used?

Vehicle LED advertising is used everywhere by businesses, institutions, and other organizations that are looking for ways to get their message across to unlimited audiences.

And now you’re probably wondering what kind of vehicles these LEDs are mounted on. Well, you’ll find these LED panels on all kinds of vehicles, including taxis, buses, trucks, and other kinds of public transportation.

The primary reason for using public transportation for advertising is because these vehicles are able to penetrate through the busiest areas of a city. This helps to expand the reach of the ad, making it an effective marketing strategy.

Here are some ways each of these mainstream vehicles works as moving billboards.


Taxis use digital signage in several ways. They can use it for their own benefit, for instance, to indicate whether they’re open for hire. Or they can use it for advertising other businesses.

LED adverts on taxis can be very effective since taxis usually go to all parts of the city (unlike buses with specific routes). Moreover, in-vehicle LED displays are also a great option to keep passengers informed, and you can also use them as reinforcement tools.

Subways and Buses

Other public transportation like buses, trains, and subways have their own unique advantages. Since these vehicles have very specific routes, LED advertising can be designed for targeted audiences in those specific areas. This will allow you to ensure that your ads are reaching exactly the audience you want them to, thus ensuring greater retention.

Moreover, digital signage inside these vehicles can be used for various other purposes as well. For instance, to show maps, routes, traffic updates, etc.


Trucks are basically massive moving billboards, and those three words alone show what great potential they hold. Vehicle LED advertising on trucks can be used for special promotions of products, events, or services.

When used correctly, they can help a business boost brand visibility almost overnight. You can direct them towards very particular areas. This also serves as a very cost-effective marketing strategy since you’re not shooting blind arrows.

What Are the Benefits of Using LED Panels for Vehicles?

Every business needs effective marketing and advertising. And the medium you use for advertising can make a huge difference. This is essential because the medium determines your brand’s reach.

And despite the growing popularity of Facebook ads and other similar digital mediums, their efficacy is still widely debated upon.

This brings us to the highly effective nature of moving LED advertising because guess what? —they don’t come with a skip the ad option!

Here are a few other ways in which vehicle LED advertising is absolutely brilliant.

Flexible Costs

While a lot of advertising mediums do allow flexibility in terms of pricing, we think it’s safe to say that moving billboards offer the most value for money. They allow you to decide on a duration for the advert and perhaps the radius. This way, you can always target very specific segments of the society at very affordable rates.

Unimaginable Audience Reach

One of the biggest advantages of vehicle LED displays is the massive reach they tend to have. It’s the surest way of getting across your message regardless of your target audience’s location. In terms of ROI, moving billboards are the most effective means of marketing.

Instant Attention-Grabbers

The best thing about vehicle LED adverts is that they have the potential to be instant head-turners. Depending on how they are designed, they can really help to turn things around for your brand.

Moreover, they offer constant reinforcement, which helps significantly in improving brand visibility.

How to Optimize Moving LED Advertising for Your Business?

LED panels for vehicles are only effective when done right. This means knowing your target audience well, setting up an adequate budget, being consistent with the advertising, making sure it’s creative and attractive, and most importantly, using the right vehicle LED advertising technology.

We suggest checking out VALIS 1 by OPPS Technologies. It’s a standalone light LED panel for vehicle attachment—perfect for moving LED advertising!

Give them a call to learn more about the company’s LED panels.

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