Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tiles tend to get dirty very quickly. When you install brand new tiles in your kitchen or bathrooms, it looks so pretty and clean, but over time, you witness stains and find that the tiles start looking dirty, which in turn makes your bathroom or kitchen looks unclean and unhygienic. Even if you sweep and use a vacuum cleaner every day, your tiles may still get dirty. Tile and grout cleaning are a concern for every homeowner. Everyone wants to find the easiest and quickest tile and grout cleaning method. Well, there is not any quick way to remove the stubborn yellow stains for your tiles and keep the grout clean, but if you use tile and grout cleaning cleansers every week, it should keep your tiles and grout looking as brand new as ever!

What is Grout, and Why Do You Need to Clean Tiles and Grout So Frequently?

Grout is a porous material which is a mixture of cement, water, and sand that is used to fill in the spaces between tiles and give them an even look. Without grout, your tiles will have considerable gaps in between them. But since the grout is a porous material, it quickly absorbs all kinds of liquid, which includes not only water but all kinds of liquid spills, which is why it gets stained so rapidly and needs cleaning every so often.

For the cleaning, you do not need anything special. You can use an old toothbrush of your own and a tile and grout cleaning cleansers. These chemicals help loosen up the dirt and debris that have collected in the grout. It also helps loosen up oil to make it easier for you to scrape them off the tiles. But do remember for tile and grout cleaning never use a brush that is too harsh because you do not want to scrape off the grout or cause any scratches to the tiles, you just want to remove the ugly stains. For stubborn grimes that will not come off, use steam.

What Are The Benefits Of Grout Cleaning?

Here are some of the benefits of grout cleaning:

The first and foremost benefit of grout cleaning is cleanliness. It keeps your tiles clean and shiny. You do not want your room to look dingy and unclean because of yellowish tainted tiles.

Since the grout is a porous material, a lot of liquid can get absorbed into it, which may lead to the growth of several bacteria and germs. Cleaning the grouts periodically with chemical solutions helps clean and kill these bacteria that are harmful to your health.

Proper maintenance will keep your tiles looking good for a long time. It will increase the longevity of your tiles.

Using the right tile and grout cleaners will not harm your tiles. You can grab a tile cleanser at a local shop or can even call up professionals who will come and clean the tiles for you. They will bring all the required chemical solutions, brushes, and other materials needed for cleaning the tiles.

Steps to Follow Before Cleaning the Tiles

There are a few things you need to follow before you start cleaning the tiles at your home.

The first step is not using the grout cleaners right away; the first step is using a broom to sweep off the loose dirt and dust from the surface. Once you are done, you can then apply chemical solutions.

Do not start scrubbing right away after you use the chemical solutions. Let the chemical solutions sit for a while before you begin brushing the tiles.

 Even if the DIY articles tell you to use baking powder, do not make the mistake of using bleach or any other product that contains ammonia in it. Using bleaching or ammonia-based product will do more harm than good.

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