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How Can Annuities Make You Feel Secure After Retirement?

Annuity insurance plans top among the various investments options to ensure a comfortable retirement. These plans have been providing guaranteed monthly income to the retirees and help them manage their daily living expense in an easier way. Though there are people who don’t have the required information about these and in this article, we are going to talk about how annuities work and what are the main benefits provided by the same.

How Do Annuities Work?

Under these plans, you are supposed to pay a fixed premium to your provider every month to the insurance provider and they will provide you a guaranteed income every month after the retirement. Depending on your requirements, you can choose an income that you want to receive every month and make a premium for the same. Through the online option, you can easily receive multiple annuity insurance quotes from different insurance providers. You just need to fill a request form and representatives from top providers will contact you to offer the best plans available to them. If you have any query regarding the plans offered, you can ask them and they will answer the same. Also, they will provide you the details that you might not know otherwise. Depending on the benefits and premium amount, you can decide a plan that best suits your individual requirements.

Fixed Monthly Income

Annuities are known for providing a fixed monthly income to the annuitants after retirement. This greatly helps them take care of their household and other essential expenses of their retirement life. As soon as an annuitant retires, the provider starts helping them with a fixed monthly income. This monthly income is decided by the amount of premium paid and the plan chosen by the annuitant. You can choose a plan that provides a specific income that you find sufficient to take care of your monthly expenses. If you aren’t able to decide what will be the right amount for your life after retirement, you can get the help of an annuity expert who will guide you with the same. You can find an expert online as well and get their help for your specific requirements.

Immediate Payment Option

There are people who might not have been able to buy a plan during employment or might not have known about the benefits of annuity plans. Those people can buy a plan after or at the time of their retirement as well. There are immediate annuity plans made to help such people only. You can buy a plan when you are approaching your retirement and start receiving your monthly income immediately. You are supposed to make the full payment for the desired plan and the provider will start paying you from the same month. If you have some other sources of income as well, you can choose to receive this income after every 3 months of every 6 months as well.

Growth Opportunities

Annuities bring growth opportunities for smart investors. If you have a decent knowledge of market performances and can predict the possible happenings in advance, you can earn more in annuities by making the same premium. Under variable annuities, you can invest a fixed portion in bonds and the rest in the market. The investment in bonds will ensure you a minimum monthly income that you will receive for sure. From the investment in the market, you will receive a share in profit depending on how the investment performs in the markets. You can utilize this increased income to take care of any unplanned expense or further invest it somewhere to gain more profit.

Tax Saving Option

 Another advantage of buying an annuity is a big saving on your income taxes. The federal government provides a decent relaxation on the income taxes if you have invested in annuities. Usually, the whole income you earn in a year is your taxable income and you are supposed to pay the taxes on the same. But when you invest in annuities, a certain amount is deducted from your taxable income and it becomes lesser than earlier. This means you will have to pay the taxes on a smaller income and hence fewer taxes. This may not seem big in a year but over the years it will help you save a lot on taxes.

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Written by Anil Kumar

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