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Why Use Corrugated Packaging And Folding Cartons

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The manufacturing industry is hugely dependent on packaging and folding cartons, and there are strong reasons for that. Cartons have made their own place in the packaging industry for their variety of benefits. And being a product manufacturer, you too give cartons the first preference for the packaging of dry products. Even wet or semi-wet and liquid products can easily be held inside cartons which contain waterproof layer linings. Cartons being variably customizable, printable, sizable, and foldable, provides for vividly usable packaging solution.

Benefits of Using Packaging and Folding Cartons

There are multiple benefits of using packaging and folding cartons which are worth exploring so that being a product manufacturer you can decide the best packaging solution for your product.

  • You can fold and store packaging cartons, this is the biggest advantage when it comes to storage and volume management. In a business at the packaging unit, space is a big factor that needs to be managed. Folding and storing cartons which are yet to be used helps manage lots of space, and therefore is a big plus for a packaging material which is form, strong and yet flexible.
  • Cartons which are developed from cardboard and corrugated boards can be engineered in such a way that they can have varying absorption power. This means some cartons can be built to retain moisture of the product within while saving it from outside humidity. Whereas some cartons can be great for keeping the product the dry and same way it was packed. The composition and plastic layer lining inside the cartons usually help manage their moisture absorption power and water resistance.
  • Packaging and folding cartons can be custom made in varying thicknesses. This means both the strength and weight of the overall carton can be managed well by varying the degree of thickness. This helps in space management, cost management, and overall weight management of the product.
  • A corrugated board made foldable cartons is compliant for most shipping containers and can easily be handled by all logistics and shipping concerns. Hence shipping is easy with the globally accepted cartons.
  • Printing custom designs and graphics is another advantage of cardboard packaging and folding cartons. You can practically print them in any way you want, and there are no limits and restrictions to this.
  • They are recyclable, and thus eco-friendly and safe for human use. The materials used in making packaging and folding cartons are safe and easy to recycle. They are non-toxic and healthy for the items contained inside too.
  • You can get a glossy or matte look, or even textured finish in your cartons and boxes to make it different.
  • They can be made in practically any size and dimension. Even large furniture pieces are part packed in cartons.
  • Packaging and folding cartons can be used for a wide variety of items like food products, electronic items, consumer durables, dresses, utilities, gifts, books, diaries, glass items, utensils and many such things.

How to Order your Packaging Cartons?

If you wish to order thecartons for your manufacturing unit then you will have to follow the norms given below to attain the perfect piece.

  • What size the carton would be
  • What would be the looks, including the placement of graphics, brand name, social media signs and addresses, taglines, logos etc if any
  • The gross desired weight of the carton
  • Thickness

When you have decided all that you need in a carton then contact a packaging and folding cartons manufacturer and tell your requirements along with the product that the carton is meant for carrying. Take quotes from various manufacturers and then decide as per your choice.

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