How to Introduce Your Business on Instagram?

Are you thinking of using Instagram to promote your business? Well, you are not alone. Social media platforms have become one of the strongest marketing tools for businesses. They provide you with the opportunity to connect with your customers daily.

Before using Instagram, you may have some questions. Such as;

Why should you prefer Instagram over Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, and others? How can you create your audience on Instagram? How should you present your business in a better way on Instagram?

We are here to answer these questions so you can create a powerful business profile on Instagram.

So, shall we start?

Why should you prefer Instagram?

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to promote your business. You can engage your audience and increase your followers with your Instagram profile. According to a survey, 80 percent of people have bought something from Instagram. That is because of the simple visuals and overlay of Instagram that attracts people. But it is not that simple. To make the most out of it, you will have to use Instagram efficiently and strategically. Keep reading to know how you can do so.

Types of accounts on Instagram

Currently, Instagram has three different types of accounts. You must create the right kind of account on Instagram. These account types include the following;

1. Personal account

This type of account is for private use. A personal account is for your close family and friends. The content on a personal account can be hidden or open. This type of Instagram account does not include analytics and many other features.

2. Creator/ Artist account

This type of account is for freelancers and influencers

3. Business account

As the name suggests, it is for businesses. You can access analytics and other exclusive features for business profiles.

Steps to introduce your business to Instagram

Let’s see how can create a strong business profile on Instagram below;

1. Get a good profile picture 

After setting up your profile, your first step is to select an attractive profile image. Make sure that your profile image is clear. It could be the logo of your company or any other picture that stands out.

2. Write your Bio

The next step is to write a Bio. Remember that the visitors will know about your wholesale business through your bio. Make sure that you introduce your business in clear words. Let people see what your company is all about.

Ensure that your bio includes the answers to these questions;

  • Who is this business?
  • Why should people follow it?
  • What is unique about your business?
  • What is your website/ official link?

The Instagram bio has a limit of 150 characters, so ensure that you do not exceed it.

3. Create your introductory post

Once your profile setup is complete, you can make your first post. Your first post should give the audience information about your business. It can also include the background of your company. You can choose an image or an introductory video.

The purpose of your first post is to inform people how your business can help them solve their problems. Ensure that you upload a high-quality image or video that reflects your company’s slogan.

4. Write your post’s caption

Before clicking the ‘share’ button, you need to write a compelling caption for your post. Captions are also called Copy, and it usually includes the details about your post.

To make your post’s caption effective, you can include a ‘call to action’. It can be statements like ‘follow us to learn more about the company’ or ‘check out the website link in the bio’. Do not forget to include the relatable hashtags in your caption.

Tip: Choose a hashtag that has above 20,000 posts. It will increase the reach of your post.

5. Interact with your potential followers

Spend at least 30 minutes per day interacting with your followers. You can interact with your potential followers even before creating your first post. You can find your potential customers with the help of the following guidelines;

  • Check your competitors’ profiles and see who is following them.
  • Check the comments on posts that relate to your business.
  • Search the hashtag of your business niche.

6. Instagram stories

It is a new feature by Instagram, where you post a story that appears only for 24 hours. You can create your stories before your first post. You can use polls and other attributes of stories to engage your followers.

Things to remember

Check the following points that can help you create a successful business profile;

  • Create a strategy or plan to post on your Instagram profile.
  • Make your posts at the most engaging hours.
  • Keep your posts frequent and interesting.
  • Create posts with inside-the-company images. Let people see how you work.


Now that you know the procedure, you can create your business profile on Instagram. Use these guidelines to make your profile more appealing. Do let us know what strategies you use to increase your Instagram followers.

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