How to use Face Serum Gel for best Results

Face serum gel are skin care products that are designed to deliver larger concentrations of some specific active ingredients to the skin that helps you hydrate your skin a lot. There are different types of gel based face serum that are used to perform different tasks, and there exists a range of benefits of them too, which extends from hydrating your face to anti-ageing to skin brightening.

A Face Serum Gel is for those days when you crave hydration, than what your moisturizer gives. That said, it is not that you can also use it on other days.

The best face serum gel  works like the exact hydrating element you always wanted. However, if we precisely talk about the natural face serum gel type, then let us tell you they are lighter in consistency and smaller in particle size, making them more efficient in penetrating to deeper layers of your skin. Hence looking out for vegan face serums gels is a win win for everyone.

What can serum do to your face?

face serum gel precisely acts to encapsulate your skin’s natural hydration levels, and based on your skin type it is wise to choose a vegan face serum gel that enhances your skin’s natural radiance and health.

The best face serum gel for you would be the one that suits your skin, hydrates it to the maximum and retains your face’s glow.

The benefits of a natural face serum gel are so many it increases blood flow, hydrates your face, gives a plump effect, basically it does everything.

Hence a gel based face serum is a great option to go for, if you choose a natural one even better.

Which serum is best for pimples?

If you’re someone struggling with acne, face serum gels should most definitely help. But which one, is the question. Most of the times, acne occurs because of constant exposure to pollution, hence a natural face serum gel with plant based ingredients, mild touch and no chemicals whatsoever should definitely be the best face serum gel for you.

Another reason why acne occurs is due to lack of hydration, hence gel based face serum are absolutely amazing to solve that problem. It hydrates the deepest layers of skin and makes it glow.

Hence are two suggestions would be stick to a vegan face serum gel and try to hydrate your skin as much as possible.

What is face serum made of?

Face serum gels are made up a number of things, as they are lightweight moisturizers, hence higher concentration of active ingredients like vitamin C, glycolic acid are present in them. Gel based face serum are also filled with hydrating agents, and they skip oils in general.

However vegan face serum gels are filled with plant based ingredients like aloe vera, turmeric, matcha green tea all of these are best replacements of chemical based active ingredients.

Let us remind you these natural face serum gel are absolutely amazing, and works phenomenally.

Which gel based face serum is best for face?

This is a very subjective question, the face serum gel that works for one might not work for the other person.

It all depends upon the skin type, and that decides what is the best face serum gel for one. The primary task of a gel based face serum is to give you maximum hydration so that should be kept in mind.

However our pro-tip would always be, try and choose a natural face serum gel as it gives you radiance, and of course check out two to three products before settling for one and calling it the best.

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Written by Shubham Sharma

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