Steps to Overcome Stage Fright and Beat Performance Anxiety

Many people suffer from stage fright, whereby they find it very scary to get up on the stage and speak in front of people. It is unnerving for them to face an audience who have their eyes on them and are listening intently. Although they may feel confident and prepared with regards to what they’re going to speak about, they are very embarrassed when suddenly they develop stage fright and forget what they have to say. They start stuttering or feeling like they might faint.

Getting stage fright is natural and can happen to any of us. So to be able to address a group of people, it is important to know how you can prevent stage fright.

Practice as much as you can

Even veteran actors say that they need to overcome stage fright. As they say, practice makes perfect; similarly, stage fright can also be minimized through rehearsals.

For example, if you are going to deliver a presentation on the benefits of getting assistance from cheap essay writing service in front of students, you must practice your slides as well as you can. The more practice you get, the more prepared you will be, and once you get past the first few minutes, you will overcome your stage fright.

Imagine yourself in front of a large crowd when practising

You can rehearse a lot on your own, but you may not have the practice of being in front of a whole group of people. When you actually face an audience, you might feel a bit shaky and nervous.

So, to help you to be well-rehearsed, what you can do is stand at a height or on the stage of your auditorium or imagine that you have several people sitting in front of you and listening to every word of yours. Imagine them applauding you for your performance. In your imagination, you can see yourself succeed. This will help you enhance your self-confidence and overcome your stage fright.

Have conviction in your role or speech

If the audience is giving you their time and attention, they want something from you. Maybe its leadership skills or acting skills or entertainment. Whatever your character is, fall into that role. Whatever environment you are supposed to be depicting, put yourself in it. Be that actor you are acting or the person you are representing.

If you are giving a speech or taking part in a debate, believe in whatever you wish to state or argue. Once you are fully engrossed in your character, you will not realize that people are looking at you and you will not be conscious of so many eyes on you.

Do not make eye contact with the audience immediately

Look at the audience without looking at them. The moment you take your place on the stage, give yourself some time to gain your composure. Rather than obsessing over the fact that there is a huge crowd of spectators that can make you falter, try to avoid looking directly at the audience. It is helpful to have a reliable friend sitting in the crowd who gives you confidence and supports you on your big day. When you are feeling nervous, try to focus on your supportive friend who lets you know that you are doing great.

You being up on the stage means you have all the confidence in the world. The main thing is that you dared to go up on the stage and perform your part. So, don’t worry about getting stage fright or the audience not appreciating you, feeling bored, or making fun of you. Just being on the stage means a bold step on your part, so feel proud of yourself!

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