How to Use Tech For Smart Factory Operations?

The world today is entirely based on the technology. Information Technology is bringing up automation across the globe. However, to gain the best results out of your business, operational technology is equally important.

The innovations in technology take place every day. Some implement it into their operations, while others work on the same outdated technique. The difference is the result of the operations through updated technology and an old-school technology can be clearly seen.

For Example, Let us consider the technology or operating system of an Android Smartphone. The first Android OS was Android Cupcake and the latest update has been to Android Pie. It is the 14th update. One can manage two or three updates back, but can u use the first or second iteration. The answer is no.

It is here, where the bridge between Information Technology and Operation Technology is to be managed.

Different Ways in Which The Technology is Helpful For The Smarter Operations:

Over two decades ago, no matter how many utensils are there in a hotel; everything was manually cleaned. It required much time, labour, and effort. Also, after much input, the outcome was never up to the mark. Now, in place of manual input; a dishwasher is employed. The result is clean, and hygiene utensils, lower complaints from guests, faster operations, low or no waiting time due to utensils.

Here, the efficiency of work has improved to ten times just by a small operational change. So, you can understand the importance of Operational Technology. It has its own importance in every genre.

Imagine using a typewriter still instead of a laptop or a keyboard; can you bear with the mistakes and the voice.

It led to a considerable waste of time, paper and the precision of the work was below average, even if it was done with the utmost attention. An additional person was always required to check the things that were typed with the help of a typewriter.

Two people involved, still, there can never be 100% accuracy. The simple change in operative technology can make an overall change.

In a similar way, operation technology can be improved in every genre. Some can be personalized to a particular business while other operational changes can be adopted universally.

However, none of the changes is possible without the use of technology. All the changes are good with the help of advanced technology. The use of technology has become a must.

There are experts in mathematics around us, but still, we prefer to use calculators for our work and not hire a mathematician to perform our business calculations. Here, Use of technology is handy and cost-effective too in this particular case.

Based on operational technology, the advantages of technology also vary. For sure, there are minimal or no cons of implementing and integrating operational technology in your business.

What Can Be The Common Benefits of Use of Advanced Operational Technology in Your Organisation or Business?

  • The primary motive of Operational Technology is to improve the efficiency of the work. The higher the quality of the end-product, the more likely it is to be demanded.
  • Next, the thing that is more important in day-to-day life is the time. In 90% of the cases with the integration of IT and OT, for any of the tasks, the performance time reduces by approximately 40%. The reduction in production, performance, or manufacturing time enhances the work-handling capacity.
  • Implementation of the advanced operational technology generally saves your money. It may require the initial capital investment for the installation of the machine for manufacturing or anything else as per the personalized requirement but in the long-run, it certainly saves your money.
  • What is most important for standing the market? The simplest answer is withstanding and leading the competition in your industry. The use of advanced operational technology will lead you to present a new innovation to the customers, and the result is nothing but excelling in the list of competition. You will attract more and more customers towards you.
  • The quality of the production also improves along with the quantity. One can never deny the fact that improved operational technology delivers top-notch results. A cloth washed in hand and other washed in an automatic machine; which would be cleaner? Of course, the one that is washed by using a washing machine.
  • Last, but the most important thing that you receive with the implementation of the operative technology is the continuous growth and development. You can notice yourself that the profit gets doubled up within no time once you introduce the operative technology.

Final Words

Here, with the above comparison, we can clearly witness that there are endless advantages of using Operational Technology along with the Informational technology. You can try to implement both in your business to get a more clear experience of the benefits.

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Written by Brian Harris

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