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Pack LIke a Pro- 5 Insanely Creative Ideas to Pack Shirts and Apparel

We usually come across many events around us when we need to have some adventure or entertainment or any recreational trip or business meeting.  All of this is followed by proper preparation of our luggage where each and everything is organized perfectly. Custom Shirt packaging is one of those tasks we need to perform instantly in less time but more outcomes. This can be done using various modes of having boxes for keeping shirts and clothing in any of the custom boxes, suitcase or bags. One look for some awesome designs in this respect and the appearance has to be more captivating because it should give a look to your clothes which can be achieved by using proper packaging. Let us have a look at five of the most impressive ideas for packaging shirts and apparel.

Idea 1: Apparel Tent Packaging

The very first design for shirt packing is tent design. It has the shape of the tent, and the shirts packed in this box are designed as tent design. This design is best for those who love to go camping or recreational trips like the picnic or any such trips more often.

Idea 2: Pizza Box Design

This is the most common shirt packing mode where a box equivalent to the size of pizza box comprises of shirts in a chronological manner. This box for shirts packing is used most commonly all over the world, and a man of the retailers even have samples as well as fresh prices in this box design. Mostly, this box design comprises of the shirts with office designs or the ones with designs sued for official meetings or tours, but this is not always true. The design is recommended for professionals for most of the cases as it keeps the shirts in original position when they get packed. Mostly clothing brands are using such type of packaging to design

Idea 3: To-Go Package

Are you in a hurry to move? Yes! Then To-Go package is one of the best shirt boxes ever used by customers. This design package is mostly adopted when you have to take the shirts out instantly instead of opening the entire luggage and wasting your time. Professional dresses and shirts are not recommended to pack in this package because this box sometimes splits the ironing of the clothes.

Idea 4: Amazing Cotton Ball Design

The cotton ball is the most common packing mode available to customers and is mostly applied for undergarments or round neck shirts’ packing. The cotton ball is the best and easily accessible method, and the name does not mean to hold cotton shirts only, but it is just a design name given by the experts. You can place any round neck or half sleeve shirt in this package and disassemble the package is also very easy. The packing mode is not recommended for professional’s shirts’ packing too, i.e., for meetings, or official packing but is affordable and recommended for daily life shirt packing.

Idea 5: Using Wooden Box 

The wooden box is normally used for shirt packing and is same as pizza box design in length. Mostly professional shirts, as well as t-shirts, are packed using this box, and the design is extremely affordable and easy to use. You will find the design at almost every physical shop as well as online store, and the design is best to sue especially to pack kids shirts. Even many brands use wooden boxes customized with their brand logo and name to package their clothing line.

The last but not the least; above mentioned are very few, and there are hundreds of other modes available to package shirts like a pro. Any box of shirts can be used, but it all is dependent on your needs and packing requirements. Few of other designs include can packing design, jar packing design, playing cards packing, oil cans, wooden tubes, and much more. This all depends on your choice and for sure the budget because each of them is of their uniqueness and importance. The most comfortable and cost-effective is packing with boxes, i.e., wooden box or pizza box designs but again, it depends on you that what you want and for what purpose, i.e., for picnic types, half sleeves, office types, or which type of packing. You can make choices as per needs and choose the best.

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Written by David Brown

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